Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Shoes for Our Home


Pretty much first thing this morning – before breakfast, even – Dave and I prepared our 5th wheel for getting new tires.  Dave did a few things outside and I got the interior ready to bring in the slides.  It’s a good thing we did that, because at 8 AM I received the phone call saying the tire guy would be here in about 30 minutes. 

Yay!  Yikes!

“Junior” from Performance Tires arrived and set out to putting on our rig’s new “shoes.”  Took him what . . . maybe two hours, probably less, and he was done.

We now have four new Goodyear G614 tires on our RV.  They were manufactured this year right here in the USA.  No more “China bombs.”  We were fortunate we did not have any incidents with them.  We have gone from E-rated tires to G-rated, and I’ll feel a bit better on the road with the new ones.

It was fairly quiet here on the property today, but I was busy taking care of paperwork and sorting through things in preparation for our departure later this month.

Our route is all plotted out and ready; I wrapped this up a few days ago.  After looking at atlases and tools like MapQuest, I plot out our route, listing each day’s starting point and destination and the estimated mileage.  I then look for campgrounds and make reservations for each day’s stopover.  I’m keeping each day around 200 miles.  Once that is done, I rewrite my notes in a neat manner, starting with a general overview of each day’s route, destination and information on the campground, including details about rate, site, confirmation number, etc..

From that main page, I break each down on a separate piece of paper in my notebook.  This has detailed information on the route and campground, including directions from the interstate to the campground.  When we’re traveling, the page for the day is taken out of the notebook and is with me in the truck.  That way I don’t have to look at maps, etc.  It’s all spelled out in detail. 

We keep two atlases in the truck when traveling – a general one and the Motor Carriers Atlas.  Dave uses these to follow along and see where we are.  This gives him something to do while I’m driving.

Short post tonight, as my brain is tired.  Looking forward to snuggling under the blankies with book and sweet Maggie.

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