Friday, September 19, 2014

Winding Down in New Jersey


Our time here is certainly coming to a close.  We are less than a week away from pulling out and heading to South Carolina.

Dave is out on the bike right now, so I have some quiet time to get a blog post done.  Although I have done a gazillion things, there are still those “getting close to departure day” tasks that need completing.

Yesterday was a washout, as I really was not feeling well.  Amazing how I can feel so bad one day and then pretty fantastic the next.  I’ve been taking advantage of today by going to Walmart for a few groceries and a new drinking water hose and then to Maggie’s vet for food, her meds and her records.   I’m taking my office plants, and have found a box that they will fit in perfectly for the trip down.  They’ll be going in the bed of the truck.  I may even wash the truck once Dave gets home.  Thank goodness it’s King Ranch Chicken leftovers tonight. 

Gosh, I hope I feel this good the days we are traveling . . .

We aren’t sure if we are allowed to have campfires at the new facility and we won’t be taking our fire ring with us; therefore, we are having our last campfires this weekend, including one last night.  Working night shift at our new location may, or may not, be conducive to campfires.  There’s another good excuse to indulge this weekend.  Like we need an excuse.

Firewood 09182014

Remember the photo of Dave splitting wood from the other day?  Here’s the result!

Dave is also indulging in a few brewskies this weekend as, again, our new lifestyle and hours just don’t fit well with a few beers on the weekends.  Well, I imagine he might be able to fit in a couple every once in a while . . . but certainly not like here.  In other words, we’re playing these last weekend evenings here.

Our washer and dryer will leave out of here Tuesday and should be at the SC facility by next weekend.  I’ll do my best to have us totally caught up before they head on down South.  Our boss here is coming out Tuesday to take us to lunch!  I cannot say enough good things about Tony.  As Dave says, he is a true gentleman.  He’s done what he can – and that goes above and beyond – to enable us to perform our duties here and to make our life here as comfortable as possible, and we greatly appreciate all his efforts.  We will not be reporting directly to him in our position in SC, and I will miss interacting with him.  It is a total pleasure working with him.

I was told the other day by the Holland Police Chief that there were a few of the CERT items in my bag that I could keep.  One of those is my CERT cap, so I swung by the police department this morning to pick up those items.  I do wear baseball-type caps now and then, and may be doing so more frequently in our new situation.  The CERT cap is a nice memento.  Cheers for that HPD!

Last night was a late one for us, as we were watching live streaming on BBC of the Scottish independence referendum voting event as results were coming in.  Mixed emotions on that one . . . while my heart cheered for Scotland to gain her independence, my head was voting “No.”  Like so many Scottish citizens being interviewed, my concerns were what independence would mean for Dave’s pensions, the currency – what currency would be used and how it would stand up in value in the international market – and so forth.  I suppose those viewpoints come with age. . . At any rate, it was certainly quite interesting, rather exciting and history in the making, so we enjoyed the live stream coverage.

Okay, Dave is back from his ride.  Think I’ll go see what I can get done!

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  1. I, too, was wondering what Scotland's independence would mean.

    You are so organized, the last minute items will be a breeze.


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