Friday, December 19, 2014

Propane Fill Day at Florence RV Park


One of the pros of being in SC vs. NJ is that we are going through propane a lot slower down here this Winter.  We have a total of four 30-lb. tanks, two on board and two spares.  In NJ, there were two additional tanks we could use, making a total of six tanks in rotation.  During Winter, Dave would often go as frequently as weekly to have four tanks filled.  Thank goodness our propane is paid by the company which we are contracted to; if it had not been, we simply would not have been able to afford to work in NJ.  Even here, that reimbursed expense helps immensely. 

We do run the furnace, keeping the thermostat at 60 overnight and then bumping it up to no higher than 65 when needed.  We are fairly conservative with the use of the furnace, running it enough to keep the rig happy.  Our fireplace and two ceramic tower heaters provide supplemental heat, and our home stays nice and cozy.  Some folks set their furnace at higher temperatures, but neither of us likes to be too warm.

We go to Florence RV Park to have our tanks filled, and it is a short drive over to I-95 and the park.  I was going to put in the link to their Web site, but apparently the site is no longer active.  That’s too bad, because the park is really okay.  We stayed there for a night or two in 2010 prior to arriving at this work site (we did a 2-month relief gig here while the permanent team went on vacation), and it seems even neater and “cuter” than back then.  It’s not full, but is nicely populated by what appear long-term folks, perhaps some snowbirds and then the overnighters passing through the area. 

Florence RV Park 12192014

I would definitely stay here again

I can’t vouch for the Internet or cable TV services, but the staff is friendly and the laundry/rec/office areas are neat and clean.  It is next to I-95 with easy access; one hears a bit of highway noise, but not at an annoying level by any means.

Florence RV Park 2 12192014

The resident ducks are quite friendly and came over expecting a handout.  I’ll try to remember to take something for them next time.

I’m getting a load of laundry done today because it’s supposed to start raining tonight and continue through tomorrow.  Yes, tomorrow is forecast to be colder, windy and rainy.  Sounds like a good day to make sausage balls and olive balls cozied up in our RV home.

Jerry over at WagginTailsRV commented on my last post that my life seems to have simplified with the move to SC.  I dunno . . . in some ways, yes, but in others . . . no.  While our professional life has certainly simplified, it seems like I stay much busier here.  I think that is in part due to it being the time of year when there are fewer daylight hours.  Seems like we’re always “chasin’ daylight” around here, with so many things to do before it gets dark out.  I’m hoping this will ease up a bit with prolonged daylight when Summer rolls around. 

Speaking of which, we’re off to the store for a few things before we go on duty tonight.  The closer it gets to Christmas, the less I want to be in a grocery store or even out running errands of any type. 

Didn’t get this posted before we ran to the store, so a few hours have passed.  We had a pleasant evening of another epic chess match, and I’m getting back into the groove after finding my opening move, the Sicilian, again.

Black wins 12192014

Victory is mine with a rare win by Black this evening!

Dave has gone to bed until I get him up around 2 AM, I’ve polished off the wee snack plate I brought over to the office, Maggie is curled up in her “spot” and Pandora is singing some tunes.  I’ll make a cup of coffee and put in some time on my virtual assistant job.

That’s a wrap for tonight.  Ciao!

Thanks for stopping by!

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