Monday, January 12, 2015

Daily Posts? Ha! Who Was I Kidding?

I guess there just aren’t enough hours in my days to crank out a daily post.  Oh well.  I’m here right now, and now is all that truly matters, eh?

Recent WordPress Blogging 101 assignments are ones I have already performed prior to the course or ones that involve changes to this blog that I really do not care to make.

I published my “About” page a while back.  I don’t know that I can label it as enthralling, but hopefully it is not boring.

Pre sunrise sky 01102015

Dawn sky seen on patrol the other morning

One of the assignments was to experiment with different themes.  Okay, I spent some time previewing several options but have decided to stick with what I’ve got.  The only other ones that slightly appealed to me involved a fee to access, and I am just not going there.

Widgets?  Well . . . been there, done that on my previous Blogger blogs.  I have monetized (made only a few cents here and there), incorporated widgets relating to my interests and associations, links to other blogs, etc.  When setting up the current Blogger and WordPress sites, I wanted to go in a new direction of keeping it simple and relatively “clean-looking.”  Hence, you will not see a bunch of widgets.  I will say that personally I find more (free) customization options available via Blogger.  At this point in time, I am not interested in sharing via social media, so you won’t see any “share” buttons.

I am also finding that some of the customization that I might want to do on the WP site involves upgrading the site to a Premium account and, again, I am just not in the market to pay for a blog.

Sunset 01042015

Recent sunset

The truth of the matter is that at this point in my life I have less time to manage a complex blog or any sort of commerce-related website.  Two jobs, husband, dog and all the day-to-day things that need to be done . . . plus squeezing in some “fun” time with said spouse and pup and on my own . . . well, heck.  I simply do not have the mental or physical energy to sit here forcing myself to be creative or to manage ecommerce . . . which does take time and attention, as I know from experience.  Been there, done that.

Of course, that’s all subject to change in the future, right?

For the time being, my blogs are for me to have some fun, to serve as an outlet for my writing indulgences and to capture snapshots, if you will, of my life.

Moonrise 1 01062015

Recent moonrise

We enjoyed chess each evening over the weekend.  Those are special evenings, battling wits across the chessboard with soft music in the background and shared quiet laughter with our wee Maggie keeping us company snuggled up on the daybed.  Yeah, I really like our chess nights. 

Remember the dogs I mentioned the other day?  Dave spotted them on the property again Saturday, albeit away from our “personal space.”  He chased them in the patrol truck, honking at them, and they skedaddled off the property.  Perhaps they’ll get the hint that they are not welcome here.  Nasty-looking dogs, not ones you want to attempt to befriend.

The rain started in the wee hours overnight and is forecast to continue until Thursday, with a bit of freezing drizzle/rain Wednesday morning when the mercury takes a dive again.  Right now it is extremely foggy out; it’s so thick our RV is disappearing in the mist . . . and it’s just right across a small street from the office here.

“Honor the sacred.  Honor the Earth – our Mother.  Honor the Elders.  Honor  all with whom we share the Earth:  Four-legged, two-legged, winged ones, swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people.  Walk in balance and beauty.”

- Anonymous Native American elder

365 Days of Walking the Red Road

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  1. Really wonderful pictures today. With all you are doing. i'm surprised you have time to post at all. I don't care to monetize my blog either. Too much of life is about money as it is IMO.

  2. I would not even attempt a blog each day and I am not nearly as busy as you.


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