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Work? Optional!

Work? Optional!

If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

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Would I still work if money were out of the equation?  No.  I have been in the workforce since age 16.  I could exit with no separation anxiety whatsoever.

Well, wait.  I would more than likely still be a full-time RVer, so I could workamp  for the RV site in a campground.  We would definitely be traveling with the seasons and taking in parts of this beautiful country we have not yet experienced.

On second thought . . . money is out of the equation completely?  Let me rethink this, then.

Why not pay for the site and support campgrounds financially?  Okay, that sounds reasonable.  We  would then be absolutely free to stay wherever we wanted, not choosing a location due to employment.

What would I do with my days?

I would explore whatever area we happened to be in and do so leisurely, not being on any daily timetable.  I would rise from slumber when my body had enough snoozing and hit the blankets when I was ready, not regimented by alarm clocks.  I would probably write more and read more.  Gee, who knows?  I might even cook more!  I might cook less!

We would definitely rack up a lot of miles on our rig, which might just change from a truck/5th wheel combo to a smallish Class A or B motorhome.  Hmmm . . . perhaps a new 5th wheel with automatic leveling and a dually truck?  Newer 5ers have a full-sized tub instead of a “garden tub.”  Yeah, baby.

We are dreaming here, right?  

Although I have seen much of the United States throughout my life, there are so many places I have not yet been and others I want to visit again in order to share them with my husband.  This doesn’t mean we’d be on the road constantly, rather sitting in one spot for a few weeks in order to truly experience an area.  Or having the option to vamoose lickety-split from a location if it did not suit us.

One of the things on my bucket list is to spend a Winter on the Texas Gulf Coast in Rockport or some other like quaint destination, or even in The Valley.  Yep, that would happen.  Oh heck, why not throw Arizona in there, too?  Winter in Arizona?  Yeah, I’d try that. 

I’d bite the bullet and even try Florida one Winter, as long as it was at one of the fancy-schmancy resorts with a covered BBQ cabana and huge concrete patio overlooking a bay.  I would make the supreme sacrifice and try that.

We could follow bicycle tours across the country one year and let Dave cycle in all the states in the USA.  Hey, that could include Alaska!  Whoohoo!

Although I am not keen on flying again and definitely not transatlantic jaunts, but . . .

We could book first-class tickets and travel to Scotland for extended stays.  A wee stone cottage in the Highlands?  Book a flat at The Knight Residence in Edinburgh again?  We’re talking at least six months at a time, folks.   Definitely a possibility. 

I could return to trusted physicians in New Jersey for my annual cancer check-ups.  That would be a huge bonus.

May 22 Dolphin Watch front

Oh my gosh!  It just dawned on me that we could rent Dolphin Watch in Cape May and spend some time there each year.  Woot!

You see, though, my life right now is a lot of these things.  With this particular assignment we’re on, we don’t awaken to alarm clocks.  When off duty, our time is our own.  I have time to read, write, cook, nap and hang out with my husband and our wee Maggie.  There are not a lot of hours between arising and going on duty to go out exploring but, you know what?

We aren’t the types who are into heavy-duty sightseeing.  We do not have to be constantly entertained.

We get off on simply “be-ing.”

The only things missing from my current existence, really, is the freedom to travel at whim.  If we’re lucky, we might just live long enough to be able to travel more.

Travel and the shiny new rig, but our truck and 5th wheel are just fine for now.

As I tell folks, I feel I have the best of both worlds.  I live the full-time RV life and have employment that I actually enjoy.

It is fun to fantasize a bit about a life where money is no object, eh? 

What about you?  Would you still work? 

“Often in the stillness of the night when all nature seems asleep about me there comes a gentle rapping at the door of my heart.  I open it and a voice inquires, “Pokagon, what of your people?  What will their future be?”  My answer is:  “Mortal man has not the power to draw aside the veil of unborn time to tell the future of his race.  That gift belongs of the Divine alone.  But it is given to him to closely judge  the future by the present, and the past.”

-  Simon Pokagon,  Potawatomi, 1830-1899

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