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Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

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 The first thing I want to do is give a shout out to Jerry over at Waggin Tails RV for turning me on to The Daily Post at WordPress and unknowingly giving me a bit of a kick in the pants to write more.  Thanks, my friend!

So . . . I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, per se.  I do put forth intentions (oh my!  there’s that word again!) to the Universe.

Is a “resolution” the same as an “intention”?   Hmmm . . . yes and no?

Here is a definition of “resolution” = a firm decision to do or not to do something.


How about “intention” = 1)  a thing intended; an aim or plan, and 2) (in medicine) the healing process of a wound.

A “firm decision” sounds rather inflexible when it relates to goals I would  like to accomplish during a year.  I know from personal experience that Life can throw humdinger curveballs, disrupting the firmest-laid plans.

I much prefer going with the flow, if you will.  My intentions are tossed out there and, while the basic concepts are firm, they are able to bend in the breezes of Life.

So, no, I do not make New Year’s resolutions.

I have to say the second definition of “intention” resonates with me as a Reiki Master. 

The very word “resolution” sounds more concrete, unyielding and stern versus the word “intention,” which brings to mind of coming from one’s soul or Spirit.  Perhaps it is my Reiki background, but when I put forth an intention, I am asking the Great Spirit and the Universe for support, guidance and assistance in accomplishing my goal.

Intentions for this year?  I am participating in one this very moment in visiting with you here, and it touches on both writing more and nurturing my spiritual being. 

Thanks also to my wonderful and supportive husband for this totally awesome Christmas present  . . .

Journal 01012015

Being 5” x 7” in size, this journal now goes with me everywhere

There have been times when I have had a thoughts to be blogged or incorporated into a writing project but, alas, by the time I have gotten back to my laptop whoosh! the thoughts had disappeared.  My new little journal buddy accompanies me to the office, back to the rig and is on my nightstand when I snuggle into bed.  The pages inside are lined, making writing (and reading) easier, there are two pen slots inside the cover and I love the feel of the journal.  Although it is brand new, it has the comfortable feel of that favorite sweater . . . you know what I mean.  Yes, we’re good buddies already.

Another treat in my stocking this Christmas was an iTunes gift card, part of which went to the download of a shamanic drumming CD.  It is Shamanic Drum by Miroslaw Miniszewski.  In prior  years, I had the luxury of participating in drum circles and gatherings and having the privilege to be in the presence of Elders and wise folks combined with solitary nurturing of my spirit.  Currently  I am not in a position to actually be with people; therefore, I am working on returning to the practice of self-nurturing of the spirit.  This CD is exactly a tool I was seeking. 

So!  To return to the original question above, just shy of the second day of 2015, I am on a path of keeping my intentions alive and well. 

Of course, it’s early days.

Have you set resolutions or intentions for 2015?  If so, how are you doing so far?

“I love a people who have always made me welcome to the best they had . . . who are honest without laws, who have no jails and no poor-houses . . . who never take the name of God in vain . . . who worship God without a Bible, and I believe God loves them also . . . who are free from religious animosities . . . who have never raised a hand against me, or stolen my property, where there is no law to punish either . . . who never fought a battle with white men except on their own ground . . . and Oh, how I love a people who don’t live for the love of money!”

- George Catlin, an American non-Native artist of the 1930s, speaking about the Native people he had encountered

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I am a Warrior.

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  1. I love your intention and your little journal. What a wonderful gift. It looks like the cover might be leather. In years past I was privileged to drum with Layne Redmond and miss that community. I was a regular practitioner of yoga but my coach isn't large enough for sun salutations so I've been really challenged to find quiet warm enough places to practice. I really admire your determination to find ways for self-nurturing of the spirit. I have had a hard time with my spiritual needs on the road. You give me hope.


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