Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Delta Ridge RV Park in Forrest City, AR

Delta Ridge RV Park Forrest City AR 06172015

Site #19

Than you all for your words of support and encouragement from last night’s post.  I really do appreciate you all!

Rolling out of Ivy’s Cove this morning around 10:30, we have landed for the night at Delta Ridge RV Park in Forrest City, AR.  Located behind the Ole Sawmill Café, this is definitely a no-frills park.  There are no facilities (no restrooms, laundry, picnic tables at site, cable TV, etc.) here,  but there is WiFi.  The wee office is not attended, at least not so far since we arrived this afternoon.

How do you check in?  Well, when I called to make a reservation, I was told to just pick a spot.  I could drop a check or cash in the on-site registration box, or I could stroll next door to check in at the café.  That’s what we did.  The café looks like it might be fine, including serving breakfast, but we have oodles of food and choose to eat at home.  I made hamburgers tonight, as a matter of fact; good road comfort food.  If we were  here for a few nights, I’d check out the café.

Here for just one night, we have stayed hitched up and have hooked up to shore electric only.  We’ll be using water from our fresh tank with plans to refill the tank and dump waste tanks during tomorrow’s overnight stay down the road.

Notes about this park so far:

  • Very easy access from I-40.
  • Grocery store, dollar stores and lots of other shopping amenities within walking distance.  This is very handy when not unhitching for an overnight stay.  We walked over to the grocery store for a couple of things.
  • Again, the restaurant looks like it’s probably good, and it’s just right there.
  • WiFi included in your site fee; however, it has knocked Dave offline twice so far,and he’s just basically checking email.  I wouldn’t rely on it.
  • The interstate can be seen through tall plants which serve as a sound barrier, but there is no annoying highway noise.
  • There are a handful of long-timers here which look like they are working in the area.  Other than that, there have been two other rigs pull in this afternoon.  It’s quiet and peaceful so far.
  • The place is clean and mowed.
  • Lots of space between sites.
  • They do not accept any discount programs.
  • Sites are gravel and are reasonably level.

If we are going to be somewhat more mobile instead of sitting for literally years at a time, I’m thinking I want to start a  spreadsheet or something about the places we stay – pros and cons, brief description, prices, etc.  This would be a good reference when traveling and looking for a place to land.  Heck, we will be stopping at one place this trip for the second time and another in South Carolina will be our third visit there.  Right now there aren’t that many places and I can remember whether or not we have been there, but that might not hold true for the future.

I am, you know, getting older.  Haha!

We have another short day tomorrow with an overnight stop.  Friday, however, we  land in Marion,  MS for several nights.  We plan on resting,  I’ll  work my online job, Dave can cycle and we might explore the area a wee bit.  Apparently there are some Civil War roots around there.  Heck, we might just watch movies/TV, eat and sleep.

Sounds like a plan.

Today we traveled a whopping 160.4 miles with sun and then clouds but no rain.  I am grateful those were uneventful miles.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Years ago I bought a program called RV Notebook. It has anything one might want to log regarding RVs and travel......campground info, service on vehicles, mileage log, address book and lots more. Love it. However, it's been discontinued and not for any system newer than XP. I still have the XP and use it just for that. Don't you wonder why when something is that good, they stop making it.


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