Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Last Rest Day in Meridian / Marion, MS

It may be our last rest day here, but we have more coming up.  Yay us!

Dave gave the bike a miss today, and this morning we set about preparing to hit the road tomorrow.  He loaded the bed of the truck and I did a few things before the heat set in for the day.  This evening we continued on with me dumping our tanks and Dave disconnecting the water and sewer.  We’re running off our water pump and fresh tank until we land in Anniston, AL tomorrow.  I  emptied and wiped dry our “overflow fridge” – a standalone dorm-sized unit – and it’s ready to be stowed for traveling tomorrow.

Benchmark Coach and RV Park Dave laundry day 06232015

Dave did some cycling laundry today.  Didn’t take long for it to dry outdoors.

I worked my virtual assistant job a bit and Dave took advantage of being indoors by watching a few cycling videos.  Before we knew it, dinnertime rolled around.  After that, Dave did those few things outdoors mentioned above and we had a stroll around the park.  Although it was pretty darn hot during the day, this evening is milder than last night.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s still quite warm and still out, but better than last night.  We saw a bat flying about just a bit ago at dusk. 

That’s a good thing, because this place sure has a lot of flies and mosquitos.  We’ve been utilizing our flyswatter indoors.  Maggie isn’t happy about that; her one “fright” holdover trait since we rescued her from the shelter is a fear of flyswatters.  She’ll cower in a corner or slink off into the other room.  Of course, after we nail the fly, she receives a lot of reassurance, hugs and love. 

I cannot fathom anyone taking a flyswatter to our sweet Maggie, but it is fairly obvious someone did in her past prior to coming to live with us.

The dumpster was emptied yesterday, and that was a bit of a funny thing to see. The dumpster truck driver was good; he got the dumpster emptied, even though it was piled high with lids propped open.  There were a couple of bags that ended up on top of the truck cab; he got out and up there via a ladder on the front of the truck and got those puppies down.  Yay him!

There is a Class A parked next to us that came in this afternoon.  I wonder if they leave their gray tank open because . . . whooowhee . . . there sure is a sickly-sweet sewer smell emanating from their rig. 

Did I mention I downloaded the Allstays Truck and Travel app for my iPhone?  Thought I’d give it a spin seeing as we’re more mobile these days.  I like it!  I already had the My Pilot app (we have the RV Plus Card for fuel) and I use it all the time, but the Allstays is a nice addition for showing rest stops and other truck fueling options, not to mention so many other amenities.  Right now I have the filter set for rest areas and truck fueling places and truck parking spots.

It’s a full house here tonight at Benchmark RV.  Five (or was it six?) rigs came in this afternoon.

We have both been sleeping well here.  Dave has really enjoyed cycling in the area.  Yep, we would return to this park.  It’s a nice layover.

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