Friday, June 26, 2015

Rest Day Two in Anniston, AL

I didn’t blog yesterday because there really wasn’t much to tell.   Dave pedaled 35 miles on the bike, getting an early start to beat the heat.  Once back and showered (yep, he needed one! teehee!), we headed out for a few groceries.  It was our first experience with a Publix store, and it was quite nice.  One thing we noticed is that some items . . . well, a lot of items . . . sure seemed more expensive than usual.  Don’t know if it was the store or the locale or if things have just gone up so drastically in some cases.  They did have quite a few “buy 1, get one free” offers, but still . . .

We eat out rarely but occasionally will splurge on a pizza for home consumption and we really don’t spend money on sightseeing or souvenirs; however, one thing we don’t scrimp on is food. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t buy extravagantly and I do comparison shop and use store discount cards.  That being said, we probably spend just as much on food as full-timers as we did living in a stix-n-brix home. 

Okay, back to our story.  It was pretty danged hot out, so we stayed indoors pretty much the rest of the day, as did everyone else here in the park.

Notes about this Camping World / Good Sam RV Park:

  • All roads and sites are chunky rock/gravel and essentially level but not much fun to walk on.
  • Grounds are maintained.
  • Small book exchange.
  • WiFi that works and basic cable TV, both free.
  • Good utilities, although be advised sewer connections are at the rear of the sites.
  • Plenty of space between sites with concrete patio and picnic table at each site.
  • No shade, although there are some small trees that will provide shade over time.
  • Very clean restrooms and laundry facilities (three washers and three dryers). 
  • Escort to site.
  • Camping World next door (you can walk there) in case you want/need to go shopping.
  • Groceries and other amenities not far away.
  • Easy access to I-20.
  • Dave liked the cycling here.

We would return here, but probably would not use it as an extended stay.  The roads are not conducive for walking, there is no shade and at a bit over $30 a night (with Good Sam discount), we’ve gotten more bang for our buck at other places that were more aesthetic.  Still, for our purposes, this was a good place to land for three  nights.

There is a couple here who are Camping World/Good Sam Ambassadors.   I visited with them a wee while yesterday evening just to see what that’s all about.  After hearing about their schedule, I’ve determined that’s just not for us.  Although they are here in the park for a while, they do what sounds like a lot of gadding about to other parks, Camping World stores, functions, rallies, etc.  For example, they were gone in their “toad” this morning before 8 AM and didn’t get back until around 5 PM for the second day in a row.  That seems to be quite a bit of what they do. Sounds a bit too hectic for my tastes and for the compensation one receives. Driving 85 miles one way to deliver brochures to a park doesn’t sound like much fun.  I’m sure the security work we do doesn’t sound like fun to others.  To each their own.

Dave was off on the bike this morning for a repeat of yesterday, again getting in 35 miles.  Taking advantage of the nice (and not crowded) facilities here, I caught up our laundry and changed/washed our bed linens.  Yay!

Cooked some chicken for salads, sandwiches, whatever for the next couple of travel days and watched Field of Dreams (again) this afternoon.  Having seen it a few times, it still makes me laugh, causes my heart to sing and my eyes to leak.  Love that film. 

The truck is hooked up and water/sewer disconnected in preparation for heading out in the morning for an overnight in Madison, GA. 

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  1. Wow 35 miles a day. That man is serious cyclist. I agree with you about not skimping on food. We too spend at least as much on the road as we did in the stix n' brix but that's because we cook nearly all our meals and buy as much organic and non GMO as we can find. Can't blame you for not wanting to pick up that ambassador schedule. Might as well work full time for more money it seems.


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