Sunday, October 4, 2015

And the Rains Came . . .

Today started off with intermittent spells of reasonably light rain. The Barnyard Flea Market next door was actually happening, albeit with fewer vendors and customers than the norm. I went over to stroll through part of it this morning and then returned with Dave after he had breakfast.

Barnyard Flea Market 10032015

We spent a good long while there; it’s covered, so the rain wasn’t an issue. I love flea markets even when not actually shopping; I just enjoy the prowl. This was great, as it gave us something to do.

The rain was intermittent most of the day, so we did manage a few walks around the park.

Barnyard RV Park Site A03 10032015

One of the things we like about this park is the space between sites.  

Around 7:30 PM, the rain became constant and heavier with more frequent wind gusts. It’s now 12:20 AM on Sunday and conditions are the same. Water is ponding here and there, but nothing serious at the present time. I bet the duck pond will be out of its banks by morning, though.

I also extended our stay through Monday night, as the current forecast indicates the first possible day for travel will be Tuesday. We’ll need to monitor road conditions and check with the park in Georgia as to their status. That area is also under flood warnings/advisories/whatever, so we’ll need to make sure the park is open. We do know their overnight sites get 1-2 inches of standing water just with a heavy rain, so I can only imagine what they’re like with all this mess.

I may just doze in my recliner and watch TCM for the rest of the dark hours. Not sure I could sleep with the noise of the rain and wondering what’s going on outside . . . has the pond overflowed? are the streets flooding?

Long-term residents here say they have seen this park flood, but not catastrophically, in the past; they figure it probably will with this amount of rain . . . an amount that no one has seen here.

Part of my unease is that I have not yet been able to locate any real resources for staying informed about what is happening in this town. At least in New Jersey I could get various agencies on a scanner and find out what/where was flooding, etc. The Facebook pages I found for local police and county sheriff don’t seem to be updated as often as one would expect during such an event.  The Weather Channel keeps talking only about Charleston. What about Columbia (we’re just a few miles west of Columbia) and other areas? NOAA reports give the forecast and warnings, but . . . what about the dam at Lake Murray? (yes, I have USGS . . . the tailrace was falling earlier and now is rising, but what does that mean for our location?). At least in Jersey, I could just walk across the parking lot and actually see the river.

I feel like I’m flying blind here. The resources I have been able to tap are limited and don’t give a lot of info. At least not info I’m accustomed to being able to access.

Latest advisory is 2-3 inches per hour until around 4 AM Sunday morning. That advisory covers a substantial area, but we are included in it.

Hence, I’m just hanging out and perhaps will doze in my recliner. Thank goodness for Turner Classic Movies!

Stay safe out there, okay?

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  1. Rains pounded you in NJ, rains pounding you to SC. Ever think of travelling to drought stricken California?

  2. Have you checked out Don't know how close to your area the report will be, but you could try it.


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