Monday, October 26, 2015

It’s Been a Full Week

Good heavens! We have been here a week and it has been chock full of doing “stuff.”

I’ve been working my virtual assistant job a bit and hope to increase my hours this week. Seems there has been quite a bit to do settling in here, etc.

Keep your fingers crossed, as I had an interview with a medical transcription company this week. I sent out resumes to others and have heard back from some, so if the first one doesn’t work out, there are other possibilities. That process takes a lot of time, actually. Whew!

Primrose Lane dry ground 10262015

That’s at least 6 inches deep

As you may have heard, Texas was visited by what was left of Hurricane Patricia over the weekend. Our site essentially turned into a mud pit.

Primrose Lane mud 2 10232015

This doesn’t really do it justice, and it got worse after . . .

Rain radar 10232015

See the red marker towards the right top of the image? That was us. All that yellow and green passed through over the weekend.

We had prepared by making sure we had provisions and did not need to venture out. Walking Maggie was an adventure, and she received the Royal Princess Treatment, being carried down to the area where we walk her. She wears her pink jacket, which helps keep her dry, especially her belly. She was such a trouper during all this.

The rain finally stopped for good this morning. We located the Walmart and were able to get Dave a new waterproof jacket. Yay! After that, I ventured forth to a wee laundromat nearby.

Woodville Laundromat 2 10262015

Dave spotted this place and checked it out on a bike ride last week.

Woodville Laundromat 102562015

It beats the heck outta the on-site facilities at the park. I had the place to myself most of the time. First time in donkey’s years I have experienced a peaceful laundry setting other than my own.

Late this afternoon, Dave discovered a damp area by the head of the bed, which is in the bedroom slide. Rut roh. Quick check of the Montana Owners Forum and I found where this has happened to others. Examination of the outside caulking on that slide showed that the caulking needs to be redone. The next three days are to be sunny and dry, so Dave has a wee project! The storms this weekend were hitting us broadside, and there was quite a bit of wind. We have typically been inline with storms before, so we’re thinking we experienced a bit of a leak with the weather this past weekend.

WiFi is advertised as one of the amenities here, but it is nonexistent. We are using my hot spot.

Two of the three restrooms (the kind with toilet and shower in one individual room) now have no toilet paper. One of those has been out for a week. Dave is checking them now as a source of amusement and amazed, wondering how long it will be before they are restocked.

We have met a nice couple in our age range that are at the end of our row. They are here temporarily (as we intend to be) and are here because of lack of availability in other parks (as we are). We have enjoyed visiting with them a bit. She is originally from . . . wait for it . . Scotland, although she came over at a very young age. At any rate, it is nice to visit with others with whom we seem to have more in common in the way of lifestyle and expectations.

Guess I don’t know much else worth repeating, so I’ll toddle off for now. Hope you have a great week with amazing adventures and that you stay safe out there!

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  1. I do hope you find a better place to settle for a while.

    BTW, I finally followed your lead. We removed those godawful "curtains" that hang down the sides of windows. What a difference. The place even looks bigger. I always hated them anyway.


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