Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yesterday and Today

We departed Madison, GA yesterday morning a bit after 11 AM under beautiful blue skies. What a relief!

Alabama Welcome Center 10072015

One of a few stops today, this one at the Alabama Welcome Center

Our trip was uneventful, but we were glad to see Atlanta in our rear view mirror, even with taking the loop around the main part of the city. Interstates 85 South and 65 South were both of good quality and a pleasant drive. We traveled a total of 236.5 miles and landed at Montgomery South RV Park in Hope Hull, AL, which is just south of Montgomery.

Montgomery South RV Park site 1 10082015

We are in Site 1

We were not impressed upon arrival with the fact that the “campground mascot” dog (a small older dog which appears to have ear mites and a skin condition) immediately began hanging around our site, followed by a cat, then another small dog came around . . . sigh. This was while we were trying to unhitch and set up, and Maggie wasn’t even out of the truck yet. Later when we were backing the truck out to go get groceries, a tenant’s large dog was hanging around the truck; Dave had to shoo it away so we could get out of our site . . . all while the owner woman was seated at a picnic table at her site about 2 down from us. Yet another tenant’s large black-and-white dog was off-leash down the street, and this morning some dog left a “deposit” in the grass next to our rig right by our basement doors. I did mention this to the office person on duty, and he came by to clean that up.

When I casually mentioned I had never seen so many loose dogs in an RV park, the response was, “It’s Alabama.” Well. Okaaaay. That explains it? That’s a source of pride?

“Pets are welcome, although dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when outside of your RV. Pets must be walked in designated pet area and please pick-up after your pet. Pets are not to be left unattended.” This is under the park’s Rules on their web site. Be advised, however, if you stay here that this is in no manner enforced. They are adding 2 rows of additional sites here, so we are essentially in a construction zone to boot.

When we were out last night, I purchased a spray bottle for shooing critters away. Dave and I tandem walk Maggie. I think the “mascot” dog has gotten the idea about not coming over here after being sternly shooed away a few times.

Today we really considered looking for something else a bit down the road, but decided to stay here. It’s not bad enough to drag ourselves down the road and there really isn’t much around that is close to as decent as this.  I am tired and need a rest. The facilities (restrooms, laundry) are okay. There is no cable TV and no lights in the park whatsoever (so it’s pitch dark at night), but the WiFi is decent. Staff is nice and gave us a good site and good rate for our 6-night stay. Most of the current tenants are “worker bees,” but the park is quiet at night; I imagine most folks go to bed pretty early. We’ll see what it’s like on the weekend. The nearest town and grocery store is about 8 miles away and the nearest Walmart is about 25 miles, so I’ve been told. I would not stay here for an extended period simply because of the dog issue. If you do not have a dog, it’s probably not a big deal; however, if you do . . .


The dirty clothes hamper became more full than anticipated due to our longer stay in South Carolina, so today was a much needed laundry day! Thankfully, no one was using the 2 washers/2 dryers, so I availed myself of them. Yay!

Dave hopped on his fixed-gear bike and got 32 miles today, his first time back on the bike in 12 days. He had a good ride on quiet country roads with no dog issues.

Montgomery South RV Park 10082015

Drying out the awning under sunshine!

I did a few things around here like deploying our awning to dry, putting out our solar lights, arranging a bit inside for a few days’ stay, etc. Dave kept asking if I wanted to find somewhere to get our dinner, as it is my birthday today. “No, not really . . . but thanks.”  There really isn’t much around here and I couldn’t justify the expense for fast-food burgers. Ugh. “Wait! There’s a Stuckey’s back on the corner! Let’s go there. I haven’t been to one since I was a kid and there aren’t many left. Maybe they still have pecan divinity.”  Traveling with my parents when I was a kid, we’d stop at Stuckey’s. Dad would gas up the truck, they’d get coffee and perhaps we’d get a snack, we’d use the facilities and often I’d get pecan divinity.

Stuckeys 10082015

Just a bit of silly fun and something to do for a bit.

Birthday present 10082015

Birthday present from Dave.

A low-key birthday, but I’m tickled to just be safely settled someplace for a few days and to have clean laundry again. We’re just hanging out this evening. We’re well-stocked for meals, so there’s no real need to go anywhere until right before we leave Tuesday just to pick up staples like bread and milk. I’m sure Dave will get more cycling in here and I’m hoping to get some virtual assistant work done over the next few days.

And some resting and recuperating from the rainy days in South Carolina . . .

Ya’ll be safe out there, wherever you are!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. HappY Birthday. Cool you remembered the Stuckeys for your birthday dinner.

  2. Yep, you're in Alabama. Who else would hang a Confederate flag in a restaurant? My Mom used to like the pecan logs from Stuckey's. I did not know they still survived.

  3. I always thought Cracker Barrel was sort of the new Stuckey's. Can't understand why Stuckey's is so rare any more. It used to be everywhere. Glad you found a place for some rest and laundry although the free running dogs wouldn't appeal to me either and I don't even travel with my own dog.


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