Friday, May 30, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things


Celebrate the Small Things

It’s Friday and time once again to Celebrate the Small Things

Today is my second Friday as a participant in this blog hop.  What a fun way to stop for a moment or two and be mindful, and to nudge me back into the writing habit.  Here we go!

  • Today I am deliriously celebrating the weather of this week.  After a warm, icky and rainy start to the week, we experienced two days with highs in the mid 50s and a gloriously sunny day today with an expected high of lower to mid 70s.  Although you would think I’d be acclimatized to heat and humidity as a native Texan, I really suffer on those days and tend to stay indoors.  Days like this week are indeed a relief.
  • Keeping in mind the above, today I am celebrating we are in a setting where I can do some “digging in the dirt,” with flower beds. 

Flowers for 2014

Plants for 2014, going into flower beds today or this weekend

  • Today I am giddy with celebratory technological happiness that I found an iPhone calendar app that meets my needs!  The calendar app that is native on the iPhone was driving me bonkers.  Found Pocket Informant, which I do believe is what I was using on my Blackberry before I switched to the iPhone a couple of years ago.  Finally!  An app that works well and has the features I need.  Not that my personal life is all that busy (far from it), but I do need a calendar with task, event, reminder and note features for work.  Yay!  Love it, love it, love it!
  •  Today I am celebrating (and grateful) that it is a day I feel pretty darn good.  Can’t say that every day, but today I can!


What are you celebrating today?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Just Yesterday . . .


Just yesterday I saw the first palm trees as we got near Harlingen and thought, “I get to see Karen soon!”  It was the same every Thanksgiving during my childhood.

Just yesterday you put me on a see-saw for the first time in my life.  I was scared, but you assured me you would not let me fall.  I didn’t fall.  I soared.

Just yesterday, I got to go barefoot for the first time because you were. 

Just yesterday at one of those Thanksgiving family gatherings we hid around the corner from the living room where the grown-ups were having coffee . . . and you tossed that little rubber frog into the room . . . it missed by this much landing in someone’s coffee cup!

Just yesterday I saw static electricity sparks for the first time when you showed me how that happens with a blanket. 

Just yesterday you took me to a skating rink with your boyfriend at the time, Ken.  You were such a talented skater, fearless and graceful.  Patient and reassuring, you stayed right with me, making sure I didn’t fall and that I had fun. 

June 17 1967

Skating in Corpus Christi, 1967

Just yesterday I was flower girl in your wedding. 

Just yesterday you and I met where our parents were camping in Texas.  I was a freshman in college.  Your marriage was rocky.  It was the first time we spent together as adults.  We snuck off into the woods and got silly.  We sat with our parents by the campfire, still silly.  Hey, it was the late 70s, and lots of people were “silly.”  My Mom suddenly declared she had “the munchies.”  You and I snuck a glance at each other and stifled our laughter.  Mom.  She had no idea . . .  We talked, heart-to-heart, about our lives.  We laughed.  We hugged.  We loved.


Martin B. Dies State Park, Texas, 1977/1978

Just yesterday your beloved Dee passed away.  It was 2001.  I was still not 100% recovered from my breast cancer surgery, but I came to Nacogdoches to be with you until your parents could travel down from Minnesota.  I had told you, “When it’s time, call me and I’ll come.”  You called and I came. 

Karen and Dee Nov 23 1984 Bachman Lake Dallas TX

My fave photo of Karen and Dee

Just yesterday you and our mutual cousin Kenny came to my Brenham home one of the first weekends after my marriage dissolved in 2002.  You and he helped me with some home projects.  We were silly.  We worked a jigsaw puzzle.  We sat up until almost dawn in my living room talking, a slumber party of cousins.  It was the first time the three of us were together as adults.  You and Kenny offered the support only family can give.  We laughed, oh man, did we laugh.  Yep, we were silly.  We hugged.  We loved.

Just yesterday you fulfilled a dream and became an accomplished motorcyclist, owning not just one but two motorcycles.  You rocked, “Tree Frog”!  You made so many new friends and did an amazing amount of charity work.

Karen - BMW (1)

Karen and “Mystic”

Just yesterday it was Christmas 2004, and you were spending it with me in Brenham.  It was the only Christmas we shared.  We found kazoos in an old-time toy store and played Christmas carols.  We drooled over Sean Connery in a James Bond movie marathon.  You were there Christmas Eve when my beloved Scotsman, Dave, called me for the first time.

Just yesterday it was 2007, and you came to Mom’s life celebration in Brenham.  Your presence helped me keep it together and make it through the day.


Together in Lufkin, TX – October 2008

Just yesterday it was February 2009.  I pulled our travel trailer solo to Waco,  where you were undergoing chemotherapy.  You and I had one entire day together, just the two of us.  I drove you around to run a few errands.  You introduced me to people as your “baby sister,” and then explained we were cousins but you considered me your younger sister.  I was so honored.  We laughed until we cried and cried until there was nothing left to do but laugh.  We talked.  You talked and I listened.  You told me about the first time you saw me when I was a baby in a crib, how from that moment you loved me and wanted to protect me.  We left nothing unsaid, nothing not shared.  We held each other.  We loved.

Karen Feb 3 2009

At the campground in Waco, the last time Karen and I spent time alone together, just to “be,” as we called our times together.

Just yesterday the three cousins, along with Dave, Janna and Terry, were reunited at a campground near your Texas home.  It was the second and final time the three of us would be together.  The chemotherapy had failed and your doctors had recommended hospice.  An independent and strong Spirit as always, you drove yourself to the campground and stayed several hours.  As night fell, we wrapped you in a blanket by the campfire.  I remember you became quiet, just gazing at each of us, smiling.  We basked in your loving presence.

Betty, Karen, and Ken   Easter Weekend 2009 Camp Tonkawa Springs in Nacogdoches

Me, Karen and Kenny

Just yesterday I told you that if you needed to go before Dave and I returned from our holiday to Scotland, it was okay.  It was May 2009.  You said, no, you would wait.  I said I would call you every day from Scotland.

I called you every day.

You waited.

Just yesterday Janna told me it was time for me to come.  “Tell Karen I’m on my way.”   I would be pulling our travel trailer solo back to the campground, and told Janna not to call me during those three hours while I was on the road if you should go.  I arrived at the campground and called Janna.

“Our baby’s gone.”

Just yesterday it was time for your service.  You had asked Dave to wear his kilt, and he did.  You had requested your biker friends to wear their colors, and they did.  One of your friends dyed his beard green, the color of frogs, your favorite color.  You knew how I felt about funerals and had told me it would be okay if I did not attend.  Before we left for Scotland, I had written you a letter; you wanted it read at your service.  They were my words to you; I needed to be the one to speak them.  I held it together during the service, but was the first person out to the parking lot afterwards.  I stood out of sight beside our Tahoe and . . . lost it.  I could not let your elderly parents – so shattered and frail-appearing - who were also like parents to me, see me give in to the depths of my grief.  I needed to be alone those few minutes.


Just a few of the bikes at the funeral.  There were many more.  I know Karen heard the roar of all those engines as the bikers left en masse.

Just yesterday I heard a tree frog and felt your presence, knowing you were watching over me even now.  “Hi cuz!  Thanks for stopping by!  I’m doing okay!  Love you!”

Hawg Wild 2009 Karen's Bench

“Karen’s Bench” on the camping property of her motorcycle club.  Her biker name was “Tree Frog.”

Just yesterday awaiting the biopsy results during my cancer experience in 2012, I realized I did not fear Death.  I know you have again blazed the trail ahead for me and that, when my time comes, you will be waiting and I’ll hear you say,  “Hey kiddo!  Let’s go!”

Just yesterday I played the word “lei” in Words with Friends against Dave.  That word reminded me of the time you came to Brenham to share the Relay for Life weekend.  I walked the survivor lap.  We prowled the team booths, one of which was a Hawaiian theme.  We each bought a lei for a buck and then proclaimed we got “lei’d”    Winking smile   at the Relay for Life.  Silly girls.  We lit a luminaire for Dee and sat quietly on the ground next to it during the memorial service, hand in hand. 

Just yesterday I realized May 26 this year will mark five years since you left this Earth.  I wondered why that memory last night was so vivid and so strong.

I still feel the love – unconditional, never judgmental, always straight-on and uplifting – you gave me . . . you give me still.

Every moment together, every memory shared - it all feels like it was . . .

Just yesterday.

Thanks for stopping by!

Addendum:  After publishing this entry, I stepped outside.  The rain had just ended and I saw this . . .


See that black speck to the left of the stack above the rainbow?  That’s a bald eagle.  Love is a powerful thing, yes?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cape May - Departure Day


We were treated to our best sunset of the week last night.






These are untouched photos.  That’s how it really looked.

The house is on a corner and the side street dead ends into the street running in front of the house.  That beach access spot seems to be “the” place to be for sunset watching.  There were folks standing around and cars slowing down in front of the house to soak it in.

Although checkout was Sunday morning at 10:30 AM, we decided to have a leisurely departure on Saturday.  Getting us on the road by 10:30 would be stressful and a stretch for me.  By leaving a day early, we also have a couple of days back home to settle in and chill out before starting work on Tuesday.

We were at Uncle Bill’s for breakfast just after 8 AM, which was a good thing.  We were seated instantly, but the place was already busier than earlier in the week because of the Memorial Day weekend.  By the time we were finished, the place was teeming and the parking lot was full. 

Back at the house, Dave had a bike ride and I started leisurely (that’s the keyword of the day) packing things up.  Not only is it clothes, but bed linens, towels, some kitchen items/provisions we brought with us or purchased while there.  I also vacuum and wipe down sinks, etc.  So, it takes a bit of doing.  Still, Maggie and I had a nice walk along Shore Drive and I had a solo walk.  Leisurely. 

About four different small planes flew along the shoreline towing advertisement banners.  It was such a “beach thing” and so neat.  Wish I had gotten a better photo, but here’s one:

May 24 Airplane

It was almost gone by the time I got outside with camera

Being a holiday weekend, there were people, dogs, kids, kids in strollers, cars and you name it everywhere.  The beach experience.

We got on the road at 2 PM and drove through lots of rain on the way home.  Not too bad, and I’ll take that cool, cloudy, rainy weather over uncomfortably hot for a drive when not towing our rig.  Got back in our area about 6 PM and stopped for pizzas before getting back to the property.  That way we wouldn’t be unpacking and setting up our rig while hungry.

Hey, besides that, we’re still on vacation!

We’re technically still on vacation today, too, and with tomorrow being a holiday, things should be quiet here.  That’s cool.  I’m doing laundry, paid bills, did a bit of straightening up in the rig and Dave is mowing.  Will have to get some groceries in sometime today or perhaps tomorrow.

I’m toying with the idea of grilling tomorrow . . .

We really enjoyed being at Dolphin Watch and Cape May, as usual.  It is a lot of work, so we are thinking two weeks next year would be nice.  Seems like we barely got settled in and it was time to leave.  Depends on several factors . . . how much longer this gig is going to run, if we can save up for the holiday, etc.

Two weeks at the beach . . . divine.  Absolutely divine.  I’m grateful for the one week, though.  It was really, really nice.  Relaxing.  Just what I needed.

Thanks for stopping by and following along!


Friday, May 23, 2014

It Really is the Small Things


Celebrate the Small Things


I noticed a while back that my friend Donna B. McNicol was participating in Celebrate the Small Things every Friday.  I like the overall idea of rejoicing in the “little” things in Life, whether it be a beach holiday, accomplishing a three-mile walk or simply a beautiful day with abundant sunshine.

Put that together with the fact that my blogging efforts have been minimal to essentially nonexistent, I’m thinking that participating in this weekly celebration might get me back into the mindset and habit of writing.

Let’s start with today’s celebrations:

  • This week I’ve been enjoying a holiday at the Jersey shore with husband (Dave) and dog (Maggie).  Although today is our final full day here, it has been a week of simple R&R with no structured timetable. 
  • During this week, I’ve kick-started my walking again, which was off to a sluggish beginning following the harsh Winter we experienced.  I’ve definitely felt celebratory logging the miles along the beach road in front of the house.
  • Looking at “the big picture,” I have to say that, although I love being at the beach, I don’t loathe the thought of returning to our everyday life.  How many people these days can really say they enjoy their work, their house/home and their environment?  Most full-time RVers like us, probably, but out in the general population . . . those folks in the “rat race” running on that little wheel day after day?  There is much – oh so much – to be said for “dropping out,” ridding oneself of all the material baggage and living a simplified life with more focus on simply be-ing

Oh yeah, baby, let’s celebrate!

Join me here each Friday and share what you’re celebrating in the comments!

Cape May - Day Four


May 22 beach

An overcast day

We tried a different place for breakfast this morning, Dock Mike’s Pancake House.  It was pretty good and I would definitely return.  My choice included two scrambled eggs but, I tell ya, if those were just two eggs, they must have been ostrich eggs.  Huge!  No way could I finish everything.


May 22 Dolphin Watch front

Dolphin Watch, our cozy home away from home

Maggie and I had a lovely extended walk this morning. 


Maggie May 20

Maggie being happy after an extended walk.  She digs the beach!

Mr. Sun never really made an appearance, but we enjoyed a laid-back afternoon here at the house anyway.  It seemed to become duller, gloomier and finally darker as the day progressed, with the threat of severe thunderstorms approaching.

May 22 storm 2

At about 6:30 PM, we could see the storms coming.  It really was this dark out already, although full sunset doesn’t happen until almost 9 PM.

We ended up getting a pretty good amount of rain from a couple of storms that rolled through.  Fortunately, we did not get any hail that accompanied some of these storms.  We managed a couple of walks in between downpours.  Maggie crashed early on the couch kinda like a kid.  She walks a lot and her senses are in overdrive with all the different sights, sounds and smells here at the beach.  She even got to meet a new doggie friend or two.

May 22 Tired Maggie

Maggie was one tired, relaxed doggie this evening

And so passed another blissful day at the beach . . .

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cape May - Day Three



We counted 40 small private fishing boats on the bay yesterday evening.  Dave spotted a pod of dolphins from the deck yesterday afternoon, and I saw a few this morning.

We’re never in a hurry here or on a timetable of any sort, so today started leisurely with a general plan for breakfast at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House once we felt like heading into town.  While Dave did a bit of bike maintenance, I took a walk. Had a lovely chat with a local lady neighborhood resident, a right “girlie yap.”  Nice way to start the day.

We did get over to Uncle Bill’s and had a totally yummy breakfast, as usual.  On the way back, we stopped off at Sunset Beach to check out a little outdoor café Dave spotted on a bike ride the other day.  '

Sunset Beach May 21

I prowled the little shops; we may return to the café one day this week.

This is also the spot of the S.S. Atlantus, one of the experimental concrete ships built as part of the World War I Emergency Fleet. 

Sunset Beach SS Atlantus May 21

That’s a bit of the Atlantus sticking up from the water to the left of the sign.

As you can tell from today’s photos, it was rather overcast this morning. We did have some light rain and possibly more later, but no complaints here; it’s been perfect so far with sunglasses as a mandatory accessory.

Took a break from composing this post and now it’s evening.  We’ve had a couple of walks, one just a bit ago with the sound of thunder in the distance.

Another nice day of chillin’ at the beach . . .

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Second Day at Cape May


We arrived here at Dolphin Watch Sunday afternoon, unloaded the truck and then headed to the market for a few provisions.  After a light supper of sandwiches, we settled in.  Although a linen service is available, we bring our own sheets, towels, etc.  It takes a bit to unpack, make beds and stow the few groceries we purchased.  It’s a bit more work, perhaps, but I think worth it to have our own linens. 

The drive down takes us about 4.5 hours.  Traveling in New Jersey sure isn’t like in Texas; even taking a fairly direct route and avoiding little two-lane roads, it simply takes longer to get somewhere in NJ.  I enjoy our environment back “at home” and really like Cape May, but I truly dislike traveling within the state.  Ugh.

Monday was a totally “veg out” day.  We went for a mid-afternoon late lunch/early dinner at Cabana’s, which is on Beach Avenue over on the Atlantic side.  We have been there before; one of the relaxing things about coming here is we know where everything is, where we like to eat, etc.  I confess I had a Bloody Mary.  In retrospect, I think it was just what I needed to help relax me.  They do make a good Bloody Mary there; I’d remembered that from last time!  We also got fajitas to go, which would be our meal the next day.  I napped a couple of times Monday and walked a bit over two miles.  Dave, of course, got a decent bike ride in and Maggie had several walks.  Everyone got to do “their thing.”  I was really tired and just glad to be here, so it was sort of a “crash” day for me.

photo (7)

Maggie chillin’ at the beach house.  We’re sitting under the deck.  Can you tell it’s sunny out?

Today is Tuesday, and I awoke feeling much more refreshed after having seven hours of uninterrupted sleep last night.  That’s the longest I have slept in ages.  Told ya I was tired.  Another laid-back day for us; we had breakfast here, Dave went off on the bike and Maggie and I walked, both together and me on my own.  We did the one touristy thing I had in mind today, and that was a return visit to Shark Bait, a little beach clothes store on Beach Avenue.  Last year I got a couple of cotton, long-sleeved t-shirts which are so comfy I just about live in ‘em during quite a few months of the year.  They are so soft and, well, just comfy.  They were on sale last year; that’s why I ended up with two.  They were on sale again this year, so I grabbed another one!  They are quite a bargain for the quality and comfy factor.  Some of my other flannel and cotton long-sleeved shirts have seen their final Winter/Autumn and need to go out the door.  This will be a great replacement.

Returning home, we had our fajitas and our wee family – Dave, Maggie and I – went for an extended walk down the road.  We’re right on the water, so it’s a very pleasant walk any time of the day.  Maggie and I had walked (both together and separately) earlier while Dave was out on the bike, but we manage one or two “family walks” each day.  Dave and I typically take one – just the two of us – around sunset.

So far, I’ve pretty much kept to my plans of sleeping, eating and walking for this holiday.  The excursion to the store was something I’d wanted to do if I felt like it and, of course, there’s indulging my addiction to Turner Classic Movies while we’re here.  That’s the one thing I miss sometimes about not having cable or satellite TV.  Well, that and NCIS.  I can indulge myself while we’re here.

We’ve seen the “touristy” highlights around – the lighthouse, the County Park, the zoo, etc..  The house and property are so comfortable and peaceful that . . . well . . . we feel like we’re “at home” with this being our third stay here and are simply having a low-key, hang-out holiday.


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Knew I was Saving the Bird Cage for Something . . .


Started this post last Thursday, the 15th, and am just now getting around to posting it. 

Last year when “RP” the wayward racing pigeon was visiting, I purchased a bird cage with the intention of persuading RP to enter and be returned to her owner.  She would enter, alright, but I never could get the door shut before she’d dart out again.  You never know when you might need a bird cage, so I’ve kept it.  Much to Dave’s amusement and state of being perplexed.  Ha!

Well, it came in handy starting Sunday!


Instead of keeping birds in, the cage is keeping them out

The swallows decided the exhaust pipes of our truck made a fine nesting spot!  Yikes!  I could hardly believe they were darting in and out and, at one point, tried to put nesting material inside.  Yikes!  I had to do something fast!  The bird cage fits right up against the pipes and prevents the swallows from entering.  Yay!  I put a Post-It note on the steering wheel to remind me to move the cage before leaving.

We leave for Cape May and the beach house on Sunday!  All the major errands are complete, including fueling up the truck.  Maggie is back to her usual perky self, even having her teeth cleaned on Tuesday.  So far the weather looks decent for next week with highs in the mid 60s and mostly to partly sunny skies.  I’ll take that, thanks!

I told Dave last night that my plan for the beach is to walk (on the road by the house and the beach), sleep and eat.  Yep.  That’s the plan.  Walk.  Sleep.  Eat.

May has been a very busy and somewhat stressful month with this and that, so a week at the beach is just what we need.  Seems like we haven’t had any real “fun” yet this year dealing with snow through March into April a bit and then lousy weather (rain and chilly/cold) until now.   It’s pouring down buckets right now.  I think we’re due some R&R.  We’ll make the most of it, because this is the only holiday we have planned this year.

I finally made it over to Pocono RV Wednesday to pick up our parts order.  Mark was helping me with the order and is a really nice guy.  In fact, everyone I spoke with there was quite pleasant and helpful.  They have a lot of beautiful rigs on their lot and seemed to be doing a brisk business of service and sales.  I did sneak a peek at a 2014 Montana and found quite a few features I liked.  Well, okay, I actually sorta coveted the larger shower.  All in all, though, I came away without a case of new rig lust. 

That’s a good thing, right?

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Uninterrupted Sleep Last Night


Maggie Happy Face

Maggie’s usual “happy face”

Our Maggie has been under the weather for almost a week.  Darnedest thing – she has been absolutely normal in every aspect during the day, but would become sick to her stomach at night, usually between 2:30 and 4:00 AM.  She would upchuck once and then be fine.  By the time I would clean up (I started using potty training pads after this happened twice) and then sit with her a while to make sure she was okay (which she was totally fine afterwards), I just got dressed and started my day.  Learned a long time ago that if I force myself to go back to sleep and then am awakened a couple of hours later with an alarm . . . well . . . I’m better off to just stay up.

Good news with that is a beef stew got into the crock pot by 5 AM one morning!

Of course, this all pretty much started leading into the weekend.  Don’t pets always feel ill on weekends?  She was not an emergency case, again, being absolutely right as rain except for the early-morning episodes.  I did, however, get her into the vet Monday morning.  After two vet trips, an x-ray, laboratory studies and medications, she slept soundly last night.

Running on three to four hours of sleep (with no naps during the day), I have been absolutely wasted.  In fact, I was just about too tired to go to sleep last night.  Gets to the point where one has one ear open expecting her to wake up and be sick . . . kinda makes it tough to drift off into the Dreamtime.

Nevertheless, she started snoozing immediately (thanks to the meds!) and I finally conked out . . . only to wake up at 4 AM on my own.  Wide awake and feeling a bit more rested simply from not being jolted awake by the sound of a heaving doggie.

Good grief.  Oh well.  We got up and came over to the office.

Of course, in an RV, if one person and dog get up and start moving around, even carefully, there’s a good chance the other human will wake up, too.  So all three of us were up again early this morning.

I have to say I’ve enjoyed being up and about as the birds wake up.  Early mornings this time of year are special.  I just don’t want to make a habit of sharing a cup of coffee with the birds that early.

We’re hoping Maggie has turned the corner on this episode for her sake and ours.  This has made our beach holiday plans have the consistency of Jell-o.  Taking Maggie traveling while ill would not be fair to her or us; it really would not be much of a holiday and I would be concerned about being away from her vet.  The beach house rental is paid for, so Dave has said if Maggie is “iffy” for traveling, he will stay here with her and I should go have a girl’s getaway/writer’s retreat, probably needing the “down time” more than he does.

I’m hopeful all three of us will be going.  It certainly would be strange to not be together, although I could dig a writer’s retreat.  At this point, though, my blog posts would consist of describing where I napped for what portion of the day.  Ha!  “This morning I slept late and then napped on the couch watching Turner Classic Movies.  This afternoon I napped on the deck, lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves.  Think I’ll turn in early.”  I am so very sleep-deprived!

Today was interesting around here . . .


First time a chopper has landed in our front yard!

This was a work-related event, not an emergency landing.  I think it’s kinda cool to see our rig in the background.  It’s certainly not an everyday occurrence.  I’ve been up in choppers before and really, really love flying in one; however, this wasn’t for joy riding and it wasn’t necessary for me to go along.  Still, I had an absolutely whiz-bang time watching.  The pilot was good; he could fly that bird.  Taking off was a bit trickier than landing due to the road and embankment going up the mountain to the right (not in  photo), trees and wires.  Yep, he definitely could fly that baby.

As an oil and gas accountant at Exxon (in one of my previous lives), my fields were all offshore.  Every once in a while I’d spend the day on a rig in one of my fields.  The chopper pilots were all Viet Nam veterans.  I always felt totally safe with them; if they made it through that, they could shuttle me 20 miles out in the Gulf to a rig and back.  Now they could fly. 



Feels like a lifetime ago . . .

I got the nickname “Radar” out on the rigs, because I could always hear/sense the chopper coming to pick us up about five minutes before it would arrive.  Don’t know how or why, just did.


May 7 Betty from the chopper

Busted by “Big Brother!”  They must have been testing the camera, so there’s a photo of me taking a photo.  Cool.

Hope this post was coherent.  I’m also hoping for another night of uninterrupted slumber, hopefully a little longer in duration.

Thanks for stopping by!







Saturday, May 3, 2014

Guess Who Has Appeared?


May 2 Feral Cat

Spotted on our evening stroll yesterday evening, Cat being “invisible”

Can’t recall if I mentioned it here, but I was concerned and saddened that I had not seen the feral cat yet this year.  This cat has been here – and who knows where else – since we have, and that is three-plus years now. 

Cat is rather skittish, definitely not just a neighbor’s pet.  Tame cats typically will come up and make friends, but not Cat.  Cat and I seem to have come to somewhat of an understanding.  If Cat happens to be lounging in the grass near the road as I walk by, he (I think Cat is male) will remain in place, albeit doing his best to be “invisible” and watching me.  He even tolerates my talking to him as I walk by.  That is progress; in early days, Cat would go scampering away.  Cat typically makes daily rounds here, hanging out on the property quite a bit.

From the get, I purposely did not try to feed, catch or tame Cat, thinking it would be unfair to do so and then our assignment would end and . . . well, sharing our life with a kitty just isn’t practical.  I did not want Cat to become dependent on us and then we would have to leave.

Cat seems to be healthy and reasonably well-groomed for a feral, but certainly does not have that “kept cat” look of being routinely cared for, and I’ve never seen him injured.  He certainly must be hardy to endure year after year in these conditions.

Perhaps Cat really is a member of someone’s family and just prowls.  Perhaps someone around here provides food and shelter of some sort.  Obviously Cat found shelter during this harsh Winter and was fed.  He was in my thoughts throughout all those snowy, cold days and nights.  Yesterday was the first time I had seen Cat in 2014, and it gladdened my heart to spot him in one of his usual lounging places.

I saw Cat again this morning making his rounds along the fence line in our “front yard.”  He spotted me at a distance, we looked at one another, and he continued his patrol.

All is right in the Universe.

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