Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Summer is moving along

We are moving right through summertime, and I’m definitely fine with that.  It has felt like we’ve had warmer weather this year as compared to last and, sure enough, there have been days when I’ve checked.  Last year there were days when we were 20+ degrees cooler on the same date this year.  Wow.  Still, it’s much better than parts south of us, and there’s no 80-degree days in the forecast for the coming week. 

The annual Water Carnival was held earlier this month, and we went for a stroll through like we did last year.  We first went in the afternoon, but there really wasn’t anything going on.  We decided to return again that evening.

Water Carnival 07032018 3

We’ve decided that evening is indeed the best time to go.  More people, music and lights from the rides … just much more “festival-like.”

Water Carnival 07032018 4

Water Carnival 07032018 6

Water Carnival 07032018 1

Bemidji was voted Best Minnesota Town in 2017 by the magazine Minnesota Monthly, so for a week in July we had this down at the Visitors Center by Lake Bemidji …

Only in MN sign 07122018

Snapped my own photo late on the last night it was here

Early in July I attended volunteer training for our local animal shelter, Great River Rescue.  I’m enjoying socializing kitties and looking forward to helping out in other ways in the future.  We’re still contemplating adopting a kitty later this year.  We’ll see!

What else?  The tomatoes keep coming off our hanging basket plant.  We’ve started playing chess again on one of our “weekend” evenings, and our games are intense and fun as usual. 

Evening 07082018

July evening from our porch

In family news, my uncle Virgil passed peacefully earlier this month at age 92.  We talked frequently by phone and, a couple of weeks before his passing, I took a day and went to Hibbing for an in-person visit.  It was a good-bye visit, and we both knew it.  Such a special time spent together, and I’m grateful I was able to see him one last time.  He was my “second dad,” and I’m also grateful for his presence in my life all these years.

Nano Virgil Betty Cedar Park

Aunt Nano (who passed several years ago), me, and Uncle Virgil in 2009, on their visit to us in Texas

Our North Shore trip is booked for later in the year, and we’re soooo looking forward to that!  It will be our first “real” vacation in 4+ years.  We’ve booked a wee cabin right on Lake Superior for a few nights.  Yay!

Life is percolating along nicely.  The days and weeks fly by!  It won’t be long before Winter is on our doorstep once again, along with snow!  We did well last year by purchasing quality winter gear, so we’re all set and looking forward to the magic that comes with that season.  Season, heck.  If it’s a repeat of last Winter, we’re talking 7 months with snow on the ground.  Hahaha!

“Bring it,” I say.  It wasn’t so bad at all, and will be even easier now that we have a garage for our car.

Okay, stuff to do, so I’m outta here for now.  Life is Guid!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ya’ll be safe out there, okay?