Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What Day Is It?

The nature of the work I’m doing these days usually has me able to keep up with the date, but the day of the week sometimes escapes me.

A month has passed since my last post.  I’m pretty sure that’s a record.  We haven’t been doing anything but working, keeping the household ticking over and indulging in relaxing on our days off.

No complaints, though, really.  It’s just routine, and we’re grateful to be working.

Dave’s days off for the past few weeks have been Sundays and Thursdays, so our weeks have been a bit disjointed.  He grabs some bike time and some kickin’ back time (which usually includes dozing in his recliner) on days off.  We, or I, go out for groceries usually on Sundays.  I’ve spent a few of those days off cooking – for our partaking that day and concoctions for him to take as dinner at work.  We have decadently indulged in carry-out pizza a couple of times.  With him on a Sunday-off schedule, we have been able to catch most of this season’s Downton Abbey together. 

Brakes and oil change 01282016

On the lift at College Station Ford

Our truck was due for an oil change and systems check, so I spent one Thursday at the local Ford dealer.  Turns out the truck needed a brake job on the front, so I went ahead and had that done while there.  College Station Ford has a Quick Lane for oil changes, etc.  I was dubious at first, but it really was a no-wait situation.  Drove up, checked in and they got to work.  I was pleased with the experience all the way around.  Okay, it turned out to be a bit more of a whammy to the wallet, but I had known for a while the brakes would need servicing at some point in the near future, and this turned out to be it.  The back ones will need it before long, and we’d have them done before we’d hit the road with the rig on a long trip.  Just can’t take a chance with things like brakes – or anything, really – on the truck.  As Dave said, it’s our lifeline . . . for work, for moving our home, etc.  Gotta keep Truck happy and safe.

I tell ya, my two clients are keeping me busy, and I’m loving it!  I received a raise from one and my responsibilities with that client continue to grow.  My second client seems to be pleased with my work, and our relationship continues to become more comfortable as we get in a groove of working together.  I enjoy both clients and the work I’m doing, and I appreciate the opportunities with both.   The money comes in handy, too!  Yes, it’s turned into a “real” job; last week I logged 28 hours between the two.

Having worked from home for years in previous careers, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to do this again, albeit in different roles from before, this time around as an administrative assistant to both clients.  Seriously.  Trust me, I’m very thankful opportunities are out there for the finding and that I have marketable skill sets and related experience.  I’m grateful that I don’t have to go outside our home for work, that I’m making decent money, that I’m doing work which keeps my brain active and . . . I’m loving what I do!

Morning sunbathing 01222016

Maggie morning sunbathing.  She really enjoys this spot.

Although we have been stationary for periods much longer than the almost three months we have been here at Aggieland RV Park, this is the longest we have remained in an RV park.  I have had conversations with a two neighbor women, one who also works from home on their family business, and another who invited me to get together for walks when the weather becomes nicer.  We have seen some “interesting” human behavior but, all in all, this is a peaceful place.  The aforementioned behavior is typically exhibited by weekenders, not the long-term folks in residence.

While I’m typing this, one of my clients just added files to my Dropbox.  Yoinks!  Next project.  Sweet!  Never a dull moment.  Speaking of never a dull moment . . .

Faucet mishap 02102016

Impromptu fountain this afternoon.  The front end of our rig is peeking out from behind the Class A on the left side of the photo.

One of the two guys in the 5th wheel to the left of the “fountain” ran over the water connection in the empty site on their door side with his big pickup.  I heard a crrrrrraaack! and then the sound of rushing water.  Oops.  Park owner got plumbers out pronto and they fixed this, but it was rather impressive for a while. 

Who knew living in an RV park was so exciting?

We usually don’t have anyone parked beside us, but there is a rally of Class A rigs this coming weekend, so I think the short-term area (where we are even though we’re long-term) will be packed.  Those two Class A’s in the above photo arrived a few days early prior to the coming rally.

Dave felt rather punky a couple of days last week and I got hit with it yesterday, continuing into today.  Bones hurting, headache, bit of an upset tummy, low-grade fever and just feeling blah.  Not enough to go to bed, but enough to find me dozing in my recliner yesterday morning.  That’s unusual; napping after getting up?  Bizarre.  Still rough today, but work was pretty much caught up so I’ve had an easy day.  Tomorrow’s a day off, so hopefully I’ll kick this bug quickly and be feeling chipper again Friday.

Today was a gorgeous day out, but we’ve had numerous blustery ones lately.  Ugh.  It’s a rather open area here, so I think it is going to be windy here more often than not.  Oh well.  Thank goodness we’re on a concrete site with a patio and concrete streets when it rains!

Until Dave gets two consecutive days off each week, our life revolves around our work with a bit of chillin’ when we can.  We are ever hopeful that a security assignment may come up; we enjoy that work, find that we enjoy our solitude after being around people more lately and that our temperaments are suited to the responsibilities that come with those assignments. 

In the meantime, we’re hanging in!

Thanks for stopping by!  There’s no spell check, so excuse any errors!

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