Wednesday, April 30, 2014

And Then the Rains Came


It started coming down this morning and has not let up except for two lulls within the past hour.  Radar indicates we’re looking at another batch of heavy rain through tonight.


April 30 River

The Musconetcong has risen almost 3 feet today to 4.92 feet (gage height) about an hour ago, according to USGS Water Watch.  During Hurricane Irene in 2011, it got to 8.42 feet and breached its banks here.  (Yep, I’ve kept data on the river heights during previous storms.)  I’m thinking we’ll be okay tonight. Our “go” bag is ready, however.


April 30 Front Yard

Our front yard about 30 minutes ago.  The pond  has enlarged since then. 


April 30 Ditch

There’s usually no water in this drainage ditch, which flows into the Musky.  That’s about 2-3 feet in the ditch.  It’s runoff from the community – streets, etc..


One of the parts I ordered still has not arrived at the dealership.  I wouldn’t have been going to pick them up today, anyway, so no harm no foul.

I’m listening to both Warren and Hunterdon Counties police/fire/EMS scanners on my laptop.  It’s another resource which helps me stay aware of of what’s happening in the communities around us.  Just heard about a mudslide (small compared to what’s been in the national news lately, I’m sure) near the county fairgrounds with some mud down on the road.  Pump details have been called into the fire squads; folks must be experiencing flooding of their basements.  That’s fairly common here with good-sized storms such as this.

My joints have been screaming today – aching – I’m sure due to the low pressure in the atmosphere.  Ouch.  Can’t say it’s because I’m getting older, as I’ve experienced this my entire life.  My Dad used to track the barometric pressure when I’d get a flare.  Sure enough, the pressure would pretty darn low or dropping. 

As a result of the rains, today has been darn quiet around here.  We’ve had no visitors.  Can’t imagine why, eh?

Hope you’re having a good evening and that you’re safe and dry!

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  1. It's not just you. Gosh I ache before a rain. Today I am aching without the threat of rain here. Hurts when one slips and bounces down 4 outside RV steps hitting the backside on each one.

    Keep dry - the sun will come out tomorrow ( or the next day or the next day or......)


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