Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another Busy Day, Especially for a Sunday


Unlike yesterday, today I had a plan and actually accomplished it! 

After breakfast, I took the company truck down to the self-serve car wash and now it looks much more presentable after yesterday’s mud bath.  From there I was back to Wallyworld, where I had a spare key made for it, picked up more coolant and then scored us a Roku stick.  These just arrived in stores this month. 

Another couple of guys authorized to fish on the property showed up and were here for around an hour.  Sure was a nice day for it.

Back home, I tackled  cleaning and vacuuming the office in preparation for a meeting to be held here in the morning.  Not that the place was icky or anything, but one wants it to look spruced up when the owner of the company will be here.  Got chairs set up for the attendees and generally made things ready today, as they will be here early tomorrow.  The cleaning really consists of wiping things – conference table, etc. – down just to freshen up the place. 

After that, I had a bit of time to set up the Roku and played with it a bit.  There are quite a few free channels, some on-demand/pay-per-view channels and then others which require a subscription.  We can play our Netflix through it if we want.  I started watching a movie on one of the free channels while making dinner.  Yes, it is free, but there are commercials every so often, like watching regular TV.  Kinda breaks up the movie but, hey, it’s free.  I’ll try some other channels with different formats (news and so forth) to see what the program-to-commercial ratio is.

Dinner was chicken quesadillas, something which I have not prepared in quite some time.  They turned out pretty good, actually.  Yay!

Not sure exactly what I’m going to do this evening.  I may just join Dave and watch some TV.  We just watched another episode of House of Cards, a Netflix series, starring Kevin Spacey.  We have watched 25 of the 26 episodes and really enjoy it.  Dave also started watching House again last night from the very first show.  That’s always a good one, so I may just kick back, have Maggie snuggle in my lap and zone out this evening.  I certainly won’t be staying up late, as my alarm will be set earlier than usual due to the meeting here.  I’d like to be able to have time to grab some breakfast before things start hopping.

Well, that was my day.  Hope yours was great!

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  1. Ah, a clean truck. Wondering what one of them looks like!


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