Monday, April 28, 2014

Enjoying a Nice Today, Because . . .


. . . later this evening, a slow-moving rain event will join us for the next few days.

It is finally, truly Spring here!  Yay!


April 28 blooming


Dave mowed earlier today, as I have been hanging in the office.  It’s a busy day around here with people coming and going, so it works out better that I hang in the office and he is out on the property. 

April 28 front yard

Our “front yard” after mowing

Last week I ordered a couple of parts for our rig and am waiting to hear if they arrived at the dealership.  It’s about 25 miles from here and will make a nice road trip to pick up the items.  It’s getting on into the afternoon already, so I’m not sure if I’ll make it there today.  If not, I’ll head over Friday or Saturday.  I haven’t been to this particular dealership before.  I’m like the proverbial kid in the candy store at an RV place, always taking time to wander the store aisles and then wander through rigs on the lot.  This one is a Montana dealer, so I’m looking forward to checking out the new models.  Not that we’re in the market, mind you.

The exhaust fan over our range vents to the outside via a flap that is under a hood on the side of the rig.  Turns out that flap is plastic and is held in place by two tabs at the top.  You know what plastic can do when it is subzero temperatures and pretty windy?  Yep, it can crack and/or break.  One of the tabs broke.  The flap is held in place but obviously not operational.  That’s one of the items.  The other is a new assembly for the shower.  We have a vertical pipe that has a slide/tilt attachment on it for the shower head.  Needed to replace that.  Neither is very expensive and definitely do-it-ourselves in replacing, just waiting on the parts.

We really didn’t have the weekend off, with things going on around here . . . people on the property, etc.  Perhaps just a warm-up for the activity that is supposed to be going on throughout this year.  No complaints.  Sure beats working in a stuffy building 30 miles away from one’s home.

I made a Chicken King Ranch Casserole yesterday and managed to watch The Last Time I Saw Paris via the Roku stick.  Hadn’t seen that film in ages and really enjoyed it.  Elizabeth Taylor was such a talented actress and quite lovely at that age.  Yep, I dig those classic movies.

We’re under the three-week mark until our beach trip.  Yay! 

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