Sunday, April 13, 2014

Two Words . . .


Da beach!

Dave and I had been talking the past couple of days about returning to Cape May and Dolphin Watch (the beach house we rented for holiday last year) again this year.  We went twice in 2013 (mega extravagance for us), but plan only one week of vacation this year.  A week seems an eternity there, as it is so peaceful, quiet and relaxing.  We are definitely on “beach time” when down there.  We prefer going off-season when there are not tourists everywhere and rates are lower.  I’ll tell you, this little gem is quite the bargain.


Late September/early October was so pleasant there last year, we decided we would return during that same timeframe.  Well, on checking availability last night, I saw that it was booked solid from late May through the middle of October.  We had wanted to be there for the lunar eclipse on October 8.  Bummer.  So we talked and thought about it, deciding on a week in the middle/latter part of May.  This will probably work out better, as we can get away on holiday before activity peaks here on the property and we are needed more on station than when it is quiet.  Going in May also means our holiday will be less likely be affected by possible hurricanes, and that’s a good thing.  Checked with our boss just to make sure the dates were okay, and now all I have to do is book Dolphin Watch for the week.  I’ll do that today.

Beach!  Oh how I love the beach.  Living within an hour’s drive of Galveston, TX, for a good chunk of my life,  I really miss the beach, a lazy little beach town, the air . . . everything about it.

Dave is much the same way, having spent most of his life in Scotland.  A loch or the seashore was never far away.  He also misses being by the water and enjoys our time at Cape May as much as I do.

It’s a win-win-win situation!

This weekend . . . we were at Wallyworld Friday evening for a few things, going our separate ways in the store.  When we got home and I came into the office, this was waiting for me . . .

Easter Tulips


My sneaky husband . . . how he hid this in the truck . . . I have no idea!  Lovely Easter tulips! 

Saturday we had a late lunch/early dinner at Perkins and then prowled our local mall for a while afterwards.  Malls are not part of our lifestyle these days, except around Christmas, and I had not been in this one since the holidays.  Sadly, this mall was recently sold and occupancy appears to be down about 50%.  JCPenney is one of the anchor stores and is closing.  I guess the good news is every store seemed to be having dynamite sales; Dave was able to finally find a pair of shoes he had been after for some time.  At any rate, we had a nice outing. 

I had been in search of a couple of simple, solid-color, cotton, sleeveless shirts for summer and another pair of shorts, as all of the above have definitely seen better days.  Cotton is preferred here during Summer as it does get hot and is very humid.  I tell ya, I was in every store in the mall and found nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zip.  Polyester, rayon, horrible styles in colors and patterns my mother would wear. Blah.  This morning I went to Wallyworld and – as much as I am almost embarrassed to admit it – bingo!  Mission accomplished!  Was also looking for another pair of shorts and found a denim skort, which I believe will be even cooler and looser-fitting for Summer. 

It has been very warm and sunny here this weekend, but no complaints from this kid.  Dave is off on a bike ride and I’m cooking an early Easter dinner later.  I just got back from a 2+ mile walk, getting my walking routine kicked back in after a dreadful Winter.  Feels great!

We’re having a rather decadent, “party” weekend; after this (excepting our week at the beach), Dave will be in training for the racing season.  Guess we’ve been making the most of it!

Hope your weekend as been awesome, too!

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  1. Ah shucks! For a moment there I was thinking we could catch up when you were right down the road from where we would be in NJ late Sept. and October. But - kept on reading. May is a nice time for CM. But then again, any time is.


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