Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Love the Sound of Chopper Blades in the Morning


July 13 mowing

Mowing this morning before it got hot out

It’s about 85F out and totally sunny out right now, but there’s a light breeze and tolerable humidity.  That’s summertime here in our neck of the New Jersey woods.  The photo above is part of one section I mow.  Got it and the section to the right of the photo (across a drainage ditch) – what we call our “front yard” – done this morning.  We’re in for rainy days starting early in the week, so wanted to get this done.  Keeping the grass mowed nice and short helps minimize snake and tick encounters, too.  I treated myself to a pizza and now will spend the rest of the day working my online job after this post is completed.  There may be a bit of goofing off time in there, as well.  Good to be indoors.  I cooked last night, so Dave has leftovers.  Just in case you were thinking I was neglecting him.  He spent the morning doing another recon ride on the course he will be racing in two weeks. 


One of the company guys here this week said the owner of the market down the street told him one of his customers had seen a bear entering our gate recently and making its way towards the back of the mill.  Apparently the customer had a video on his phone.  This is the time of year when we see bears here.  We haven’t actually seen one (yet) but are carrying air horns with us again and keeping a more vigilant eye out when walking the property or in the mill.  (There was a bear in the mill two years ago, the first time the game warden had encountered that particular scenario.)  While I was mowing, I saw scat which I’m thinking could very well be from a bear.  Whatever it was, it was a large animal.  “That ain’t no deer, baby.”  Researched and found photos online just now and . . . yep, that could have been Bear, for sure.  Was fairly fresh, too.  Our exterior property lights are still not working, so at night around here it’s darker than the inside of . . . of . . . well, put your own favorite saying there. 


July 13 Maggie morning

Maggie helping make the bed this morning


Around 7:15 this morning, the sound of chopper blades filled the air above us.  Going outside, sure enough, there was a beautiful bird above us obviously filming the property and the river.  (I could see the camera attached to the chopper’s underbelly and saw the red light on the camera.)  Awesome!  Dave got binoculars and indeed there was a man sitting in the door of the chopper.  I waved at one point and so did Dave.  It made several passes and then proceeded upstream and then later downstream from us, photographing the river and surrounding area.  Whirlybird sounds were in the air for at least 30 minutes with varying degrees of nearness.  While I was mowing, three company guys showed up and, sure enough, it was one of them we saw sitting in the door of the bird.  “Did you see me waving at you?”  “Did you see us waving at you??”  Ha! 

Love of and thrilling at flying things – another set of genes inherited from Dad.  Of the different modes of flying I have experienced, helicopters just may be my favorite apart from the B-17, but that particular lady is in a class all to herself.

Okay, the afternoon is sliding along, so I’ll post this and then make some mad money.  Hope you’re having a good weekend!

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  1. I've never been in a chopper or a B-17. Would like to though. Don't think you have bird feeders, but if you do you'd better bring them in each night. ;)

  2. As a child in NJ I never thought there would ever be one in that state. Now they appear to have migrated to many areas of the Garden State.


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