Monday, July 21, 2014

Just Another Day . . .


Our alarm clocks (Dave has an actual clock and my alarm is my phone) are set for 6:30 AM on weekdays, and today was no exception.  He’s usually out the door before me, opening the office and the gate.  Maggie and I in the office about 30 minutes later after her first walk.  She gets her breakfast and we check the Internet for mail and to see what’s happening in the world.  Dave makes his first patrol run and I continue to wake up.  Ha!  Awakening with an alarm has never been kind to me throughout the years, and that continues even today.

While Dave was mowing Saturday, he noticed the grate over a large storm drain out by the driveway had come off.  Dave put an orange cone by it to warn folks. 

Hole by Driveway 07192014

I contacted the police department and an officer came out to inspect it.  Later that day two large orange detour barrels had appeared along with an orange flag on a tall pole.  A road crew was out there early this morning repairing this.  I was impressed by the prompt response. 

Dave is in training for the Pennsylvania State Time Trial next Saturday, so he was out for a wee spin this morning after we both had breakfast.  He’s done the major training and is now in what can be called maintenance mode in the week prior to the event. 

While he was gone, I repotted one of my office plants that had outgrown its original pot and added soil to two others.

July 21 repotted Purple Waffle

The Purple Waffle is happy again!

Glad I did that reasonably early, as the day became increasingly humid although not excessively warm.  Still, it was fairly miserable out by noon.  After Dave returned, I headed off to the market for some groceries and the bank to make a deposit.

The afternoon ended uneventfully but with a few work-related phone calls and emails, and we have both had dinner.  Maggie has had various walks during the day for necessities, looking for rabbits and chipmunks and inspecting (from a safe distance due to possibility of copperheads) the stacked pipes for groundhogs.  She’s watching TV next door with Dave.  I’m sipping my first and only cup of java while I visit with you.  We’re winding down our day and will call it a night around 10 PM.

Yes, we get paid for this!  Right now we’re experiencing a quiet period with spurts of activity here and there.  Sounds like we’ll have a crew here one day this week.  That being said, the weekend was busy with our mowing and weed whacking, and someone here doing some clearing of the massive vegetation in some areas with a brush hog.  Yesterday Dave had to escort some folks through the mill and then drove them up to the dam.  Yes, on a Sunday.

When it’s quiet here, it’s quiet.  When it’s busy, it’s busy – sometimes crazy busy.  Today was a quiet day.  I dig the busy days, too.  Hope you’ve had a great Monday!

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