Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend’s Almost Over


July 6 front yard

I mowed our “front yard” this morning

With the Fourth being on Friday, we have had a quiet three-day weekend.  Well, mostly quiet.  The police chief and his family put kayaks in the river from the property yesterday.  Dave and I had actually gone to Applebee’s for a mid afternoon meal.  The Chief called while we were there and then came to the property when we returned about an hour later.  They still had plenty of daylight, so all was good. 

June 30 lillies

Another pot of daylilies has bloomed

We typically don’t attend any festivities on the Fourth, and this year was the same.  There are various fireworks displays in the area and individuals shoot fireworks, so we heard quite a few booms right from here.  Maggie is so cool; the noise doesn’t bother her in the least.

What does freak her out is if you get the flyswatter to dispatch a bug.  She runs into another room and cowers.  Same goes for, say, if you drop something in the kitchen and utter an exclamation.  Must be some negative experiences in her past before us that causes this.  Can’t imagine taking a flyswatter or fussing like that at our sweet Maggs.  Of course, when this happens, we go out of our way to reassure her that we were only after a fly, that she is a good dog and we weren’t upset with her.

I am toying with the idea of a long weekend wee writer’s retreat, a solo girl’s getaway or whatever you want to call it sometime in the Fall.  Just contemplating, with no definite plans.  Might happen, might not.  Many campgrounds have rental cabins, and I found a couple that look promising.  I like Lake In Wood Resort for their offering of unique accommodations, including a double-decker bus, caboose and yurt.  This cabin at Blue Rocks Family Campground appeals to me for its porch.  Then there is this one at Drummer Boy Camping Resort.   None of these are far away and have reduced rates and/or specials after the peak summer season.

We’ll see.

There’s really not much else to report.  Dave is in training for his next race, which is two weeks from yesterday.  He did a recon ride on the course yesterday and will do another next weekend. 

That’s it for now!

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