Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - A Blog Hop Post - No. 6


Celebrate the Small Things


Is it Friday already?  Well, then, it must be time to Celebrate the Small Things!

July 4 Maggie new harness


  • Today I am celebrating the finding of a certain type of harness for our dog Maggie.  It’s the only design I have run across that she can’t “Houdini” out of given the opportunity.  I wasn’t even on a mission to find one as I have been in the past; it just happened as an afterthought.  I have found them at Petco and Walmart, but had not seen one in ages.  In Walmart this afternoon picking up some provisions, my little voice said, “Check down the dog aisle.  Maybe there’s a harness.”  Sure enough, there it was.  Just one, just her size and pink, no less.  Score!


  • You know, I celebrate our wee Maggie every day.  She is such a treasure, a rescue from an Austin, TX shelter in 2010, a few months prior to our hitting the road as full-timers.  She is smart as can be, always smiling, always in a grand mood, happy to just be with us.  Such a trouper, she has bravely been with us through not only our travels but two hurricanes, blizzards and Superstorm Sandy.  My little bundle of joy, my sleeps-all-night-in-the-same-spot doggie, my funny midlife doggie.


Maggie Happy Face

Maggie’s Happy Face



On patrol


  • After enduring a few days of absolutely oppressive weather conditions this past week (it was so humid out one could actually see the hazy moisture in the air), I have certainly been celebrating today’s conditions!  Following the front that passed through yesterday evening, we have had highs in the 70s and a light breeze with lows projected in the 50s overnight.  Bliss.  Absolute bliss.

What are you celebrating today?


  1. Isn't it wonderful coming across the exact thing you need? Love's like life smiling at you :) We enjoyed the gorgeous weather yesterday for the 4th...75 degrees, sunny, slight breeze...perfect! Going to sit on my back porch today and maybe have some tea and read a bit. Happy weekend!

  2. Celebrated the 4th at a small town parade and salmon bake. Any day I can have salmon is a day to celebrate.


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