Sunday, June 29, 2014

Serene Sunday


June 29 Shasta Daisies

Shasta Daisies and Marigolds this morning

Today was indeed serene and quiet, a welcome change after the tech and electrical issues of the past week.  Dave had a nice bike ride while I did laundry and watched some Mad Men episodes.  Dinner at home and the three of us (me, Dave and Maggie) just had an evening stroll.  Evenings are the tolerable part of the day here right now, with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s and high humidity.

We are treated to a splendid lightning bug display every evening lately.  The usual parking lot lights are still not working as a result from the electrical issues earlier this week, so it’s really dark out except for the lights on our rig.  It will be good to have those lights working again but, in the meantime, the lightning bug show is even better with less light on the property.

Yesterday while cleaning, I made a couple of adjustments in furniture placement.  I’ve cleared out a few things lately – some clothes, etc. – and have been looking at making things more streamlined in our rig for ease of cleaning and, well, one just has to do this occasionally living in a 40’ RV.

June 28 wicker box


I remember when I purchased this wicker box about 30 years ago.  It’s about 2’ long and 1’ wide and tall.  It was during a Saturday outing with a girlfriend in Old Town Spring, Texas in an import shop.  It has had several purposes over the years; however, since we began full-timing, it has been sort of at a loss for a sense of purpose.  Being in the mood I was in yesterday, I had decided that it was time to bid it farewell and brought it over to my office with its next stop the dumpster.  “It’s just one more thing to dust,” I thought, “and what is it really doing these days?”  Obviously since it went to my office and not the dumpster, I must not have had it in my heart to part with it. 

It is sort of a part of me, of that time in my life when I was an independent free spirit embarking on an amazing journey of finding my spirituality and self.  Crazy as it sounds, I felt like I would be parting with an integral piece of me.

At the suggestion of another dear girlfriend, my wicker box friend has a new purpose.  It will be my Treasure Chest, the keeper of mementoes of the places we stay.   I already have in mind one item that will be placed in it when we eventually leave here.

When I’m old(er) and gray(er) and perhaps not living this lifestyle any longer, my wicker friend will contain special items to help me recall here, there or wherever we may roam.

I think that’s pretty cool.

It’s back in our home again.  All’s right with the world.

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  1. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. It surely will be a great treasure chest.


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