Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunny Sunday - National Cancer Survivors Day


We have been enjoying a quiet weekend.  Dave is in training for his first race of the season, a time trial in the local area.  He cycled the course yesterday on a recon mission and just now left for an easy recovery ride this morning.


Gorgeous weather!  Flower beds are planted!

I took advantage of the lovely days we’ve had lately and got the plants in the ground.


In front of our rig, just about right outside the door.  Doesn’t look like much now, but give it a few weeks.  Should be some nice splashes of color.


Dianthus which returned from last year


New Shasta Daisy and Marigolds

Now and then we hear, either directly or indirectly, compliments on the grounds from folks in the area – people who live nearby and/or drive past the property; my flower beds, the fact that we keep the grounds neat.  This is so nice to hear, both from a personal standpoint and the fact that it reflects well on the company for keeping the grounds maintained and not becoming an eyesore.  Being a good neighbor and all that.  Yeah, I get a kick out of hearing how people enjoy the flowers, flamingos and our cycling frog lawn decoration.

We were told there is an opening at the Massachusetts location; however, we opted to stay here.  We appreciate the opportunity, but going someplace with colder Winters and more snow . . . just can’t get enthused about that.  Besides, we’re comfortably set up here and are looking forward to some of the happenings that may be taking place at this location.

Clean the bathroom and vacuum or mow?  Clean the bathroom and vacuum or mow?  Decisions, decisions . . . sure is a nice day.  Perhaps I can have the best of both worlds and do both.  Don’t see why not.  Perhaps I’ll go do the cleaning while Dave is away and then mow later while he is doing some weedeating out front.

Do any of you other gals out there find it’s easier to clean house when the man is away?  That was a recent topic of conversation with a couple of my girlfriends.  Our answer, definitely yes!

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day.  Go hug a survivor! 

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  1. Clean house? I understood everything up to that point.

    1. Understandable since Spud really can't qualify as a house. Perhaps if I had said something about vacuuming floor mats?

  2. I miss not having a garden (and fresh tomatoes), but I think the critters around here would make short work of it.

    Sending you a virtual hug!

  3. Betty, I'm not a gal, but do find it easier to clean when my gal is away. Less people in RV means vacuum does not have to avoid feet. And noise will not awake anyone from unscheduled naps. Gotta run, I hear one of those calling me now.

    1. Jerry, when Dave's away it also means I can "tear the place up" - as in have my cleaning stuff out and not have to worry about it being in his way or him doing stuff where I'm cleaning. Hope you've had a good nap!

  4. Constant vacuuming here in the dust bowl. The road in front of us is "watered" several times a day or we would be in complete dust. Instead it's mud. Here I go again, whine, whine, whine.

    I get a little nostalgic this time of year when I go by nurseries or Home Depot and see all the plants for sale.

    1. Ah, but Phyllis . . . think Alaska!


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