Sunday, June 8, 2014

Two Geese Families


Last year we watched a Canada Goose family grow up literally right outside our door.  We suspected there were families around this year, but had not seen any young ones until this weekend.  It was so warm today, I took my walk this evening.  Two families have been hanging out together close by.  There are a total of ten goslings, five to each family.



Family #1



Family #2


Took the opportunity today - before it rains the next few days – to wash bed linens.  Yes, we have a washer and dryer, but I try not to do laundry on rainy days.  Carrying loads between the office and rig in the rain?  Rather not go there.  Clean, fresh sheets and duvets await us this evening.  Yay!

Indulged in a few more Mad Men episodes in between laundry loads.  Yes, I’m addicted.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend, too!

And now, something for Judy . . .



The End! 

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  1. Ha Ha! I have a very similar 'The End' for my post tonight. Great minds and all that... :)

    1. Guess you saw my comment on your post. Wandered over there after I published mine. Too funny!


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