Friday, June 27, 2014

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June 27 turtle

Today’s parking lot visitor

We are now on day three of no power to the office and, therefore, no Internet as we know it.  Luckily, my iPhone can serve as a hotspot for brief periods online.  At least we can check email and hang out for a few minutes.  It brings back memories of our early full-timing days with satellite Internet, meting out a few minutes online here and there. 

Our electrician is on site right now attempting to find the problem.  We’re hopeful he will be successful soon.  Or at least before the weekend is done.  I’m going to need to do laundry before long; the prospect of a laundromat really isn’t appealing.

My wireless keyboard was ready to retire after over two years of faithful service.  I was back to Radio Shack this afternoon to pick up two – one for me and one for Dave. 


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Dining room table without functional office.  At least it’s temporary!  Those are the new wireless keyboards on each of our laptops.

This one is slightly different from the retiree, being a tad bigger (but definitely still a comfortable lap size) and has the numeric keypad on the right.  The other one had a built-in flat mouse area which I never used; I preferred to use my mouse and pad.  I have always missed my keypad area on the right, and it’s nice to have that feature again plus the mobility and comfort of the wireless keyboard.

Yesterday I was back at Radio Shack with the objective of having the latest iOS update downloaded, version 7.1.1.  It requires a network connection in order to download and I could use the one at RS.  Well, it downloaded just fine but would not complete the verification process, stating that I was no longer connected to the Internet.  Excuse me?  The RS tech and I labored over this for some time before I finally said “Enough,” and went on to order pizzas for pick-up. 

Apparently that error message is a glitch in version 7.1.1; the tech researched while I was there.  Last night and today I did some research on it and apparently that’s not the only issue.  Over quite a few forums I read folks having issues with this iOS update actually crashing their phones and causing them to be inoperable.  Lovely.  Perhaps I’ll wait until the next version??

Keeping with the theme of “What’s gonna break, freak out, have a glitch, etc.?” over the past week, when I attempted to order Dave’s pizza of ham and mushrooms, I was told they had run out of mushrooms about five minutes prior to my calling.


Alrighty!  We seem to be on a roll here!

The good news is my Blogger blog roll is functioning normally again, at least as of about ten minutes ago.  Sweet.  I’ll have some reading to do in order to catch up.

I guess the other good news is that in the short time of typing this post, I have fallen in love with my new keyboard, a Logitech K360.

The other good news is we have a collection of classic James Bond movies on DVD.  Goldfinger is on right now. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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