Friday, June 27, 2014

Yesterday Craziness and Blogger Issues


June 22 Evening

View from our first campfire of 2014, Sunday evening


Dave had an evening doctor’s appointment for 6:45 PM yesterday.  Right around 6 PM, my iPhone croaked.  Buttons and display nonfunctioning.  Fine.  Figured I’d drop Dave off here at home after his appointment and then boogie over to Radio Shack in the mall for a replacement.  The phone was over two years old and I guess it just chose that moment to call it quits.

Right about that time, the power in the office (and the rest of the mill) went out.  Concerned that it might be widespread and we would lose power to our rig, I needed to reschedule the doctor appointment.  (We did not want to leave Maggie in an increasingly hot RV should it lose power.)  That meant, of course, I had to try to find the number of the clinic the old fashioned way, because my phone was dead and the number was stored in there.  Finally found the number and called the clinic.

Guess what?  They didn’t even have him on the schedule.  Well!

Snagged an appointment for him this afternoon and then headed over to Radio Shack.  Why RS versus the AT&T store in the same mall?  Would you believe the AT&T store can’t do anything for me because I have a Texas number and they are not a national store branch.  Really?  Experienced that shortly after we arrived here in 2011; Radio Shack has had my biz ever since.  The guys there are friendly, helpful and know their stuff.

I was eligible for an upgrade on my iPhone at a significantly discounted price and RS happened to have a sale going on top of that.  Long and short, I made out like a bandit with a new iPhone 5S.  Of course, this version is slightly bigger and the charging cord connection is slightly different, so that meant new Otter Box and a new second cord for the truck.  Still, I came out way ahead of the game.  Got three $10 coupons, so I’ll be headed back in the next day or two for a replacement wireless keyboard.  This one is ready for retirement, the same one is on sale at RS and I have a coupon.  Whoohoo!

RadioShack as a company is apparently bleeding and there are hundreds of stores slated for closure.  I bet this one will soon be gone, which is unfortunate.  The mall changed hands a few months ago and most of the stores are gone. 

My phone is charged but I still can’t download the latest iOS version or my apps from the Cloud because I need to be on a wireless network.  Don’t have a wireless network because the modem and router are down because I don’t have power in the office.  Oh well, at least our electrician got the well pump working this morning.  He’ll be back this afternoon to get power back on line.


Our RV is on a different power line, so we’re thankful we have power to our rig.

Blogger Issues

For probably at least a couple of months, my blog reading list does not automatically load.  I have to reload the page to get blogs to show up, sometimes having to reload more than once.   Over the weekend, I started seeing only the most recently updated blog in my reading list.  Looking at Blogger’s help forums, this is apparently a widespread issue.  The last response from Blogger was about a week ago, indicating they are aware of the problem and working on it.

I can call up individual blogs from the list on the left and read them, but I tend to not get around to that.  Well, especially this past week with all the technology surprises I’ve been tackling.  So!  If I’m not commenting on your blog these days, hopefully I’ll get back to it soon.

I’ve been playing with WordPress a bit again.  My Scotland blog resides there and I’ve been reading some of those entries again, taking a wee stroll down memory lane and the awesome Winter I spent in that bonnie land.  The blog photos did not export to WP and that’s a real shame, but at least the text is there and I do still have the photos on my computer.

Will I switch to WP?  Probably not, as my “community” is Blogger-based.  When I say “community,” I’m not referring to followers of my blog but rather those bloggers whom I follow.  You all feel like neighbors, friends.  LiveWriter works on both platforms, so . . . we’ll see.  I may experiment with posting on both sites for a while, just for giggles.

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  1. That blogger problem happened to a lot of us. Mine came back a day or two ago. It was a pain.


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