Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Midweek Update


Sometimes it’s not the post itself, but rather the title of the post.  It’s not like I can (truthfully, at least) state “Spelunking Saturday” or something like that since we are just living everyday Life and not traveling.  So there ya have it – “Midweek Update.”

Yesterday we had a visitor in the parking lot . . .



Turtle didn’t hang around long, but steadily – excepting brief periods of plopping down for a rest – made its way alllll the length of the lot, turned, headed down one of the other roads and into the brush.  Turtle appeared to enjoy one of those rest periods that coincided with a puddle of water in the rut of a road.  Ahhhhh . . . cool water.

Turtle looks very much like the one I saw last year on the same journey, sans the groove in its shell.  Looks like Turtle had an encounter with something, hopefully not the lawnmower. 

The day before this journey took place, another turtle was over in the grass on a spot of dirt for a long time.  It was dark-thirty, so I didn’t get a good look; however, I wondered if she was laying eggs.  I checked the spot the next morning.  Turtle was gone and there were eggs there, but . . . alas, they had served as dinner, midnight snack or breakfast for another critter.

I don’t think the two are one in the same – I would have remembered that groove, I think – but still it was sad to think Turtle was not going to see young ones.  All that effort and . . . no wee ones.

Today has been overcast with misting rain now and then and blessedly cool with highs in the 60s.  No complaints from me about that in June. 

Took a nice walk just a bit ago at twilight . . .

June 11 Twilight Walk

Our rig and office this evening

There was a symphony of birds singing good-night and frogs greeting the evening.  It was almost cool enough for a light sweater or jacket.  Can you imagine?  June.  Almost mid-June.  Love it.

Yes, Life is Guid!

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