Monday, July 14, 2014

Transformers Do Go “Boom!”


This morning we both heard a noise which I associate with a power transformer blowing.  You know . . . that hum-rumble-boom noise.  If you have heard it, you know what I’m talking about.  About two minutes after the first “boom,” there was another, both occurring nearby.  We still had power in the office and our RV.  Dave drove around to the back of the mill, but did not see anything suspicious.  Oh well, whatever.

About two hours later, a power crew shows up.  A line had gone dead and they were looking for the source of the problem.  Long and short, they were here a couple more times throughout the day, finally returning late this afternoon to switch the line back on.  They had not found the root of the problem.

While they were back at the substation on the property, I heard the “boom” sound again.  “Well,” I thought, “they’re back there, so surely they heard it this time.”  Sure enough, a wee while later yet another truck shows up.  All three trucks are back there a while and then come to let us know they are leaving.  They told me I had called it, as there was a tree on a line causing the transformer to blow when they switched the power back on.   A tree crew was supposed to be arriving to take of that problem.

While all this is happening, the skies are darkening and we are in for a round or two of storms . . . again. 

Tree guys show up.  It starts storming.  Two more trucks arrive.  It’s storming.

Time passes, a gully-washing, toad-strangling storm moves through. 

About 8:15 PM, all crews are gone off the property, I’ve locked the gate and we’re snug for the night.  With more storms coming.

These guys were certainly earning their wages today and this evening.  Working on trees and power lines in high humidity and a thunderstorm.  They’re gonna have a long night.

Okay, the power in here just dimmed a bit.  Better get this posted!

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