Friday, May 23, 2014

Cape May - Day Four


May 22 beach

An overcast day

We tried a different place for breakfast this morning, Dock Mike’s Pancake House.  It was pretty good and I would definitely return.  My choice included two scrambled eggs but, I tell ya, if those were just two eggs, they must have been ostrich eggs.  Huge!  No way could I finish everything.


May 22 Dolphin Watch front

Dolphin Watch, our cozy home away from home

Maggie and I had a lovely extended walk this morning. 


Maggie May 20

Maggie being happy after an extended walk.  She digs the beach!

Mr. Sun never really made an appearance, but we enjoyed a laid-back afternoon here at the house anyway.  It seemed to become duller, gloomier and finally darker as the day progressed, with the threat of severe thunderstorms approaching.

May 22 storm 2

At about 6:30 PM, we could see the storms coming.  It really was this dark out already, although full sunset doesn’t happen until almost 9 PM.

We ended up getting a pretty good amount of rain from a couple of storms that rolled through.  Fortunately, we did not get any hail that accompanied some of these storms.  We managed a couple of walks in between downpours.  Maggie crashed early on the couch kinda like a kid.  She walks a lot and her senses are in overdrive with all the different sights, sounds and smells here at the beach.  She even got to meet a new doggie friend or two.

May 22 Tired Maggie

Maggie was one tired, relaxed doggie this evening

And so passed another blissful day at the beach . . .

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