Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Uninterrupted Sleep Last Night


Maggie Happy Face

Maggie’s usual “happy face”

Our Maggie has been under the weather for almost a week.  Darnedest thing – she has been absolutely normal in every aspect during the day, but would become sick to her stomach at night, usually between 2:30 and 4:00 AM.  She would upchuck once and then be fine.  By the time I would clean up (I started using potty training pads after this happened twice) and then sit with her a while to make sure she was okay (which she was totally fine afterwards), I just got dressed and started my day.  Learned a long time ago that if I force myself to go back to sleep and then am awakened a couple of hours later with an alarm . . . well . . . I’m better off to just stay up.

Good news with that is a beef stew got into the crock pot by 5 AM one morning!

Of course, this all pretty much started leading into the weekend.  Don’t pets always feel ill on weekends?  She was not an emergency case, again, being absolutely right as rain except for the early-morning episodes.  I did, however, get her into the vet Monday morning.  After two vet trips, an x-ray, laboratory studies and medications, she slept soundly last night.

Running on three to four hours of sleep (with no naps during the day), I have been absolutely wasted.  In fact, I was just about too tired to go to sleep last night.  Gets to the point where one has one ear open expecting her to wake up and be sick . . . kinda makes it tough to drift off into the Dreamtime.

Nevertheless, she started snoozing immediately (thanks to the meds!) and I finally conked out . . . only to wake up at 4 AM on my own.  Wide awake and feeling a bit more rested simply from not being jolted awake by the sound of a heaving doggie.

Good grief.  Oh well.  We got up and came over to the office.

Of course, in an RV, if one person and dog get up and start moving around, even carefully, there’s a good chance the other human will wake up, too.  So all three of us were up again early this morning.

I have to say I’ve enjoyed being up and about as the birds wake up.  Early mornings this time of year are special.  I just don’t want to make a habit of sharing a cup of coffee with the birds that early.

We’re hoping Maggie has turned the corner on this episode for her sake and ours.  This has made our beach holiday plans have the consistency of Jell-o.  Taking Maggie traveling while ill would not be fair to her or us; it really would not be much of a holiday and I would be concerned about being away from her vet.  The beach house rental is paid for, so Dave has said if Maggie is “iffy” for traveling, he will stay here with her and I should go have a girl’s getaway/writer’s retreat, probably needing the “down time” more than he does.

I’m hopeful all three of us will be going.  It certainly would be strange to not be together, although I could dig a writer’s retreat.  At this point, though, my blog posts would consist of describing where I napped for what portion of the day.  Ha!  “This morning I slept late and then napped on the couch watching Turner Classic Movies.  This afternoon I napped on the deck, lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves.  Think I’ll turn in early.”  I am so very sleep-deprived!

Today was interesting around here . . .


First time a chopper has landed in our front yard!

This was a work-related event, not an emergency landing.  I think it’s kinda cool to see our rig in the background.  It’s certainly not an everyday occurrence.  I’ve been up in choppers before and really, really love flying in one; however, this wasn’t for joy riding and it wasn’t necessary for me to go along.  Still, I had an absolutely whiz-bang time watching.  The pilot was good; he could fly that bird.  Taking off was a bit trickier than landing due to the road and embankment going up the mountain to the right (not in  photo), trees and wires.  Yep, he definitely could fly that baby.

As an oil and gas accountant at Exxon (in one of my previous lives), my fields were all offshore.  Every once in a while I’d spend the day on a rig in one of my fields.  The chopper pilots were all Viet Nam veterans.  I always felt totally safe with them; if they made it through that, they could shuttle me 20 miles out in the Gulf to a rig and back.  Now they could fly. 



Feels like a lifetime ago . . .

I got the nickname “Radar” out on the rigs, because I could always hear/sense the chopper coming to pick us up about five minutes before it would arrive.  Don’t know how or why, just did.


May 7 Betty from the chopper

Busted by “Big Brother!”  They must have been testing the camera, so there’s a photo of me taking a photo.  Cool.

Hope this post was coherent.  I’m also hoping for another night of uninterrupted slumber, hopefully a little longer in duration.

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