Friday, May 23, 2014

It Really is the Small Things


Celebrate the Small Things


I noticed a while back that my friend Donna B. McNicol was participating in Celebrate the Small Things every Friday.  I like the overall idea of rejoicing in the “little” things in Life, whether it be a beach holiday, accomplishing a three-mile walk or simply a beautiful day with abundant sunshine.

Put that together with the fact that my blogging efforts have been minimal to essentially nonexistent, I’m thinking that participating in this weekly celebration might get me back into the mindset and habit of writing.

Let’s start with today’s celebrations:

  • This week I’ve been enjoying a holiday at the Jersey shore with husband (Dave) and dog (Maggie).  Although today is our final full day here, it has been a week of simple R&R with no structured timetable. 
  • During this week, I’ve kick-started my walking again, which was off to a sluggish beginning following the harsh Winter we experienced.  I’ve definitely felt celebratory logging the miles along the beach road in front of the house.
  • Looking at “the big picture,” I have to say that, although I love being at the beach, I don’t loathe the thought of returning to our everyday life.  How many people these days can really say they enjoy their work, their house/home and their environment?  Most full-time RVers like us, probably, but out in the general population . . . those folks in the “rat race” running on that little wheel day after day?  There is much – oh so much – to be said for “dropping out,” ridding oneself of all the material baggage and living a simplified life with more focus on simply be-ing

Oh yeah, baby, let’s celebrate!

Join me here each Friday and share what you’re celebrating in the comments!


  1. What I am celebrating is only TWELVE days left here in the oil field. My friend, how did you stand this heat and humidity. Hitting both Leonard and me hard.

    1. Phyllis, I do empathize. I just don't "do" the combination of heat and humidity like Texas. That's one of the reasons we're up here in your New Jersey. You're almost done! Yay!

  2. Wow. I wouldn't mind RVing full-time. First I'd have to be able to drive again and find a special someone. :) I'm working on the driving part hopefully I can get that out of the way in a couple of months and work on more things to celebrate. Before my illness, I lived and worked in NJ, then moved to PA in 2010. I'm trying to find my way back there soon. The Pocono area is not really public transportation friendly. Take care and have a great day. Eva

  3. I am just about to kick start my walking again! You'll inspire me ;)


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