Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cape May - Departure Day


We were treated to our best sunset of the week last night.






These are untouched photos.  That’s how it really looked.

The house is on a corner and the side street dead ends into the street running in front of the house.  That beach access spot seems to be “the” place to be for sunset watching.  There were folks standing around and cars slowing down in front of the house to soak it in.

Although checkout was Sunday morning at 10:30 AM, we decided to have a leisurely departure on Saturday.  Getting us on the road by 10:30 would be stressful and a stretch for me.  By leaving a day early, we also have a couple of days back home to settle in and chill out before starting work on Tuesday.

We were at Uncle Bill’s for breakfast just after 8 AM, which was a good thing.  We were seated instantly, but the place was already busier than earlier in the week because of the Memorial Day weekend.  By the time we were finished, the place was teeming and the parking lot was full. 

Back at the house, Dave had a bike ride and I started leisurely (that’s the keyword of the day) packing things up.  Not only is it clothes, but bed linens, towels, some kitchen items/provisions we brought with us or purchased while there.  I also vacuum and wipe down sinks, etc.  So, it takes a bit of doing.  Still, Maggie and I had a nice walk along Shore Drive and I had a solo walk.  Leisurely. 

About four different small planes flew along the shoreline towing advertisement banners.  It was such a “beach thing” and so neat.  Wish I had gotten a better photo, but here’s one:

May 24 Airplane

It was almost gone by the time I got outside with camera

Being a holiday weekend, there were people, dogs, kids, kids in strollers, cars and you name it everywhere.  The beach experience.

We got on the road at 2 PM and drove through lots of rain on the way home.  Not too bad, and I’ll take that cool, cloudy, rainy weather over uncomfortably hot for a drive when not towing our rig.  Got back in our area about 6 PM and stopped for pizzas before getting back to the property.  That way we wouldn’t be unpacking and setting up our rig while hungry.

Hey, besides that, we’re still on vacation!

We’re technically still on vacation today, too, and with tomorrow being a holiday, things should be quiet here.  That’s cool.  I’m doing laundry, paid bills, did a bit of straightening up in the rig and Dave is mowing.  Will have to get some groceries in sometime today or perhaps tomorrow.

I’m toying with the idea of grilling tomorrow . . .

We really enjoyed being at Dolphin Watch and Cape May, as usual.  It is a lot of work, so we are thinking two weeks next year would be nice.  Seems like we barely got settled in and it was time to leave.  Depends on several factors . . . how much longer this gig is going to run, if we can save up for the holiday, etc.

Two weeks at the beach . . . divine.  Absolutely divine.  I’m grateful for the one week, though.  It was really, really nice.  Relaxing.  Just what I needed.

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  1. Had to do some catch up reading. I'm very glad you had such a relaxing vacation.


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