Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cape May - Day Three



We counted 40 small private fishing boats on the bay yesterday evening.  Dave spotted a pod of dolphins from the deck yesterday afternoon, and I saw a few this morning.

We’re never in a hurry here or on a timetable of any sort, so today started leisurely with a general plan for breakfast at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House once we felt like heading into town.  While Dave did a bit of bike maintenance, I took a walk. Had a lovely chat with a local lady neighborhood resident, a right “girlie yap.”  Nice way to start the day.

We did get over to Uncle Bill’s and had a totally yummy breakfast, as usual.  On the way back, we stopped off at Sunset Beach to check out a little outdoor café Dave spotted on a bike ride the other day.  '

Sunset Beach May 21

I prowled the little shops; we may return to the café one day this week.

This is also the spot of the S.S. Atlantus, one of the experimental concrete ships built as part of the World War I Emergency Fleet. 

Sunset Beach SS Atlantus May 21

That’s a bit of the Atlantus sticking up from the water to the left of the sign.

As you can tell from today’s photos, it was rather overcast this morning. We did have some light rain and possibly more later, but no complaints here; it’s been perfect so far with sunglasses as a mandatory accessory.

Took a break from composing this post and now it’s evening.  We’ve had a couple of walks, one just a bit ago with the sound of thunder in the distance.

Another nice day of chillin’ at the beach . . .

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  1. I well remember the concrete ship. It was a whole ship when I was a child and much further from land. The whole coastline has shifted over the last 50 plus years.

    Don't know if I had already told you - I had a great aunt who lived in CM and another who lived up the coast a bit in Avalon. The one in Avalon died at age 103. Her family wanted to sell her little house. This is back in the 60's. My first husband and I considered it but at a cost of 11,000 we didn't think it was worth it. After all who would live in Avalon! Have you seen that town? if not take a drive up. Mansions! Mansions! Thinking we could have sold the house to be torn down and a mansion built and been quite rich. People pay 1,000,000 and up for a small property in Avalon.


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