Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Second Day at Cape May


We arrived here at Dolphin Watch Sunday afternoon, unloaded the truck and then headed to the market for a few provisions.  After a light supper of sandwiches, we settled in.  Although a linen service is available, we bring our own sheets, towels, etc.  It takes a bit to unpack, make beds and stow the few groceries we purchased.  It’s a bit more work, perhaps, but I think worth it to have our own linens. 

The drive down takes us about 4.5 hours.  Traveling in New Jersey sure isn’t like in Texas; even taking a fairly direct route and avoiding little two-lane roads, it simply takes longer to get somewhere in NJ.  I enjoy our environment back “at home” and really like Cape May, but I truly dislike traveling within the state.  Ugh.

Monday was a totally “veg out” day.  We went for a mid-afternoon late lunch/early dinner at Cabana’s, which is on Beach Avenue over on the Atlantic side.  We have been there before; one of the relaxing things about coming here is we know where everything is, where we like to eat, etc.  I confess I had a Bloody Mary.  In retrospect, I think it was just what I needed to help relax me.  They do make a good Bloody Mary there; I’d remembered that from last time!  We also got fajitas to go, which would be our meal the next day.  I napped a couple of times Monday and walked a bit over two miles.  Dave, of course, got a decent bike ride in and Maggie had several walks.  Everyone got to do “their thing.”  I was really tired and just glad to be here, so it was sort of a “crash” day for me.

photo (7)

Maggie chillin’ at the beach house.  We’re sitting under the deck.  Can you tell it’s sunny out?

Today is Tuesday, and I awoke feeling much more refreshed after having seven hours of uninterrupted sleep last night.  That’s the longest I have slept in ages.  Told ya I was tired.  Another laid-back day for us; we had breakfast here, Dave went off on the bike and Maggie and I walked, both together and me on my own.  We did the one touristy thing I had in mind today, and that was a return visit to Shark Bait, a little beach clothes store on Beach Avenue.  Last year I got a couple of cotton, long-sleeved t-shirts which are so comfy I just about live in ‘em during quite a few months of the year.  They are so soft and, well, just comfy.  They were on sale last year; that’s why I ended up with two.  They were on sale again this year, so I grabbed another one!  They are quite a bargain for the quality and comfy factor.  Some of my other flannel and cotton long-sleeved shirts have seen their final Winter/Autumn and need to go out the door.  This will be a great replacement.

Returning home, we had our fajitas and our wee family – Dave, Maggie and I – went for an extended walk down the road.  We’re right on the water, so it’s a very pleasant walk any time of the day.  Maggie and I had walked (both together and separately) earlier while Dave was out on the bike, but we manage one or two “family walks” each day.  Dave and I typically take one – just the two of us – around sunset.

So far, I’ve pretty much kept to my plans of sleeping, eating and walking for this holiday.  The excursion to the store was something I’d wanted to do if I felt like it and, of course, there’s indulging my addiction to Turner Classic Movies while we’re here.  That’s the one thing I miss sometimes about not having cable or satellite TV.  Well, that and NCIS.  I can indulge myself while we’re here.

We’ve seen the “touristy” highlights around – the lighthouse, the County Park, the zoo, etc..  The house and property are so comfortable and peaceful that . . . well . . . we feel like we’re “at home” with this being our third stay here and are simply having a low-key, hang-out holiday.


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  1. Wondering if Dave rides the bike on the boardwalk. Most of them down the shore allowed bike riding early in the morning.

    1. Phyllis, our bikes are road bikes and are ridden on streets or occasionally bike paths. Dave did 38 miles yesterday and 36 today. He was all over the place around here, but definitely not on the boardwalk. :)


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