Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Almost a Week!

Okay, I seriously do not know where the time goes these days.  Well, actually I do.  My days and evenings are full lately with work, taking care of personal business and trying to find some “me” and chilling time after all required activities are done and dusted.

Saturdays are usually laundry days, but last week I managed to get it all done on Friday.  This really was nice, as I had the entire weekend to . . . do whatever, which included another items which needed attention and then some “me” time.

Saturday turned into a cooking day, which I really enjoyed!

photo (3)

I think I had mentioned – maybe I did – that Dave and I have been “kolache hungry” lately, really missing the sausage kolaches we had enjoyed in both Texas and Minnesota in times past.  Not being able to find these in this area, I decided to make my own.  Even though the covering is not from scratch, my first kolache attempt was not only adequate  but yummy!  Yay!  I see more of these in our near future.

Saturday evening I made beef enchiladas and guacamole for us.  These were definitely edible and served us well for a couple of days’ meals. 

Saturday and Sunday evenings saw us poised over our chess board with a fave Celtic CD murmuring in the background, and I played much better.  We had not played in about three years before taking it up again recently, and it takes me a while to get back in the groove.  I almost “had” Dave’s king in a game or two, but he wriggled out of harm’s way and beat me in the end.  Chess is such a brilliant game.  We manage two games each weekend evening, with a game taking a bit over an hour to complete.

Sunday morning Dave went out to the company truck to make his morning patrol and saw this:

Suburban Tire

Well, actually what he saw was a pancake flat on the truck.  It was resting on the rim. The above photo is the tire off the truck and it’s hard to tell, but it is cracked.  Oh well!  So I’m in the process of making arrangements to have 4 new tires put on the company truck.  While the tread is still good on them, they all have a severe case of dry rot.  Bummer.  Need to get that taken care of before we get snow and ice on the roads.  The company’s great; they work with us to have issues resolved promptly.

Okay, so yesterday was insanely busy with people and deliveries, including the arrival of our replacement convection microwave!  Now I just need to get our mobile tech scheduled to come out. 

A lot of my day today was spent with the tire issue and then an errand or two for us.

Whew!  Geez, it’s been busy.  Still working my oDesk job, mainly during weekday evenings right now as there’s too much happening during the days.

We have talked a bit about returning to Texas on a permanent basis.  We have a good job here right now, but do talk about finding something in Texas; this is a conversation we have occasionally but have never acted on it.  I think I would enjoy managing a small to medium-sized RV park in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in East Texas or on the coast.  We did receive a call a few weeks ago with basically an offer . . . but it was right on the border of Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley.  It was mainly that factor and that the hiring person could not be specific about duties/responsibilities that made us decide to pass.  Compensation was not what we receive here, but the cost of living would be lower there than here in Jersey.  I’m not comfortable with accepting a position when a written description of expectations cannot be given and the job description is vague.  It would be a major move with major expense for us to go such a long distance with nothing in writing . . . no real description of responsibilities and compensation.

Oh well, we’re not in a hurry . . . who knows?  One day “the” opportunity may present itself and we’ll be headed back to The Lone Star State. 

Another day is wrapping up around here, so I guess I’ll wrap this up, too!

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  1. I should be in kolache land by tomorrow, y'all!

  2. It's hard to make a major change. It's good to go with your gut instinct to make sure you have all the details in writing. I have a notebook full of job opportunities both workamping and real jobs- it's not easy picking the best one for my situation. The summers in south TX are terribly hot.


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