Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How Long Have You Had That?


I honestly don’t know where the time goes these days.  I thought it was Tuesday!  Yoinks!

Today’s weather wasn’t too bad, but it was a bit on the dull/dreary side.  We may get some showers overnight, but nothing major.  This week is still shaping up as pleasant, but we’re to see definitively cooler/cold weather next week with our first dip below freezing a few nights.

It’s time to go through the winter sweaters/tops.  I know there are at least a couple I probably should have tossed out last year, but . . . they are so comfy!  One pullover sweater has been with me for at least 8 years and I don’t know how long it was with its previous owner.  Was having a garage sale in Brenham prior to moving to Minnesota in 2005.  A friend brought some things over, including the sweater.  I saw it and said something like, “Wow, you’re getting rid of this??” and next thing I knew, it was mine!  Has been a fave ever since, I wear it regularly in cold weather and it is well-made as evidenced by its longevity, but I think it’s time to bid farewell to it.

The other sweater I know needs to go to “Sweater Heaven” is a hand-me-down from Dave.  So that’s 8 years I’ve been wearing it and who knows how long he had it before I came along. 

Speaking of having things a few years, my electric hand mixer had to be replaced.  Not because it stopped working, but the detachable power cord as been AWOL/MIA for quite some time.  I think it went missing when we traded out rigs back in December 2010.  (We moved belongings – our entire house, if you will – in about four hours and it was rather crazy).  I don’t use it often, but each time I start to do so, I can’t find the cord.  Oh well.  I’ve looked all over for it – I mean it’s just a 40’ RV, where can it be? - to no avail.  It has disappeared.

Made cupcakes the other night and encountered the same problem.  No electric mixer.  Bummer.  So today at Wal-Mart, I “splurged” on a new one, not that they are expensive.

The cupcakes have just about disappeared, too, but at least I know where they’ve gone.

So how long had I had that mixer?

Back in 1978 (yep, 1-9-7-8) I rented a wee older apartment while in college in Beaumont, TX.  When moving in, I discovered this mixer, pristine in the box, in one of the kitchen cabinets. 

That was 35 years ago. 

I’d say that’s a good, long life for an electric hand mixer.  It was used often back when I had a stix-n-brix home.  It would keep going if I could only find the freakin’ cord.

Of course, my Cutco knives are still going strong sans sharpening except for back in 2003 or 2004, when my uncle visiting from Minnesota sharpened all my knives.  Those Cutco babies date back to at least 1977, and you can still injure yourself with ‘em if you’re not careful.  Not bad, eh?

Today I ran a couple of errands and prepared some plants for wintering in the office.  The mums Dave gave me for my birthday were repotted into a larger container and a couple of plants that were in a florist ornamental basket-thing were each given their own pot. That’s seven plants indoors for the winter. 


The three plants that share my desk with me.  They are under a window and enjoy the light in this spot.

If we don’t lose power (or at least not for long) over the winter months, the indoor plants should be okay until Spring.  I hope. I’ll do my best. Once the cold sets in up here, there’s no “just covering” outside plants.  That’s it.  They’re done.  The winters are too severe.  That being said, I should have tulips again next Spring and daylilies in Spring/Summer.  Cool.

This evening I made Dave a steak bridie.  It’s really an all-day affair, with the meat cooking in the Crock Pot for several hours, then it goes through another stage with gravy, and finally put in pastry and baked for a while.  Yummy!  It’s too much pastry for me, but I do enjoy the meat and gravy.  Perhaps I’ll share that recipe tomorrow. 

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  1. Made me laugh. AWOL power cord. We also have purged our cabinets. One item that is going is an electric knife that we got as a wedding present in 1967. We've had that thing in our RV for over 2 years and can't remember when we last used it. That is a sure sign that it needs to go.
    You've inspired me to write a blog on purging.

  2. I have a few odd things with me that are older than I am, and that's saying something! They're small and light, and I guess I'll never part with them.

    Is there any way to follow you on this blog? To be honest, if there isn't, I doubt I'll visit often. :(

    1. Oops! Yes, there will be as soon as I figure out how to do it, hopefully I'll have something in place this weekend, so do check back. It's brand new . . . I knew I was forgetting something! Thanks for checking it out!


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