Friday, October 11, 2013

Life is Indeed Guid!


Well, here I am again, starting all over with a new blog!  Did you wonder how long I could stand to be away?  I think I enjoyed my wee hiatus, but did miss interacting with everyone. 

This blog has a different look, a simpler layout.  I’ve been simplifying my life in other ways, so I suppose it’s natural that it carries over here.

We lead a very simple life and at times it’s difficult to come up with things to talk about in a blog that others might enjoy reading.  Although we are living the full-time RV life, it is with a “twist” and certainly not what I envisioned when we started out 3+ years ago.

Life has a way of taking one down different roads than originally laid out, much as does traveling.  The road we’re on right now is a comfortable one, albeit not the one I had in mind.

All that being said, it is a good road!

Winter will soon be upon us; last year saw us with dreary, sunless days.  Yesterday I ordered this . . .

Happy Lights


Happy Lights!  They are natural spectrum lights which supposedly resemble sunlight.  After researching the idea and then different kinds, I found these which have good reviews and were on sale as a package deal of 2 for 1 at a price usually seen for just one light.  They are desktop size; I’m thinking of putting one in the office on my desk and another in the rig. 

Today we’re enjoying autumn-like weather with wonderful sunshine and a bit of a breeze.  That’s certainly a relief from the rain we had just about every day this past week.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good to "hear" from you. I am about ready to stop blogging altogether. Can't change settings, ads popping up. Thinking of just letting people know where I am via Facebook (like that is any better!).

    Hope all is well with you two. We will be in NJ early Nov until Jan 2. MAYBE...... this time will be able to visit a spell.

  2. I like the colors on the new blog.


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