Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Keeping the Truck Happy


Today I took our truck (2008 Ford F350, crew cab, long bed) to the nearest dealership for an oil change.  Turns out it was time for the routine servicing of the transmission and cooling systems, so I spent the bulk of the day there.  At least it is a nice dealership with plenty of places to comfortably sit besides the waiting area in the service department.  The folks are nice there, too, and that helps when one is hanging out all day.  I prefer taking it to a Ford dealership because they give it a thorough check-up.  The brake light over the cab is out, but I can replace that myself.  I probably would never had noticed that because it’s not something I can actually see to tell if it’s working and, besides that, we rarely venture out after dark.  Other than that, the truck’s in good shape.  Yay! 


Just love this truck!  Just under 48k miles, not even “broke in” for a diesel.

Gotta keep that beast happy and healthy.  Not that we plan on hauling our rig out of here in the near future, but just in case . . .

Today was definitely downright chilly and I’m wearing a sweater with my jeans for the first time this Winter.  We had a bit of rain, just a light drizzle type of rain, part of the day.

I actually enjoyed the last hour at the dealership.  Started chatting with a lady in the waiting room.  Turns out she and her husband have been talking about making a trip down to Kerrville, TX to see friends; I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Kerrville and the surrounding area throughout the years.  She had also been a medical transcriptionist, as I had, for several years.  It was an enjoyable visit and certainly helped pass the time.

Gosh, tomorrow is Thursday and another week is flying by.  We’re almost into November, so this year is truly on its way out the door.  Dave will be going to have our propane tanks filled this week, something he has not done in months.  We have four tanks (30-pounders) of our own and have use of two more besides those.  It gets bloody cold here in NJ (the river next to us actually froze last year!), so the extra tanks really come in handy.  We talked in the past about getting a large extended-stay tank but, after weighing the pros and cons for our particular situation, decided against it.

Okay, that’s it for this evening.  It has been a long day and I’m a bit brain-tired.

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