Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!


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Some of the trees on the property here today.  Yes, it is a dull day out, and the sky is essentially the same color as the background behind this text.


No worries about it being a dull and bleary day today; I have my Happy Light!  Yay!  The above photo was taken with my “good” camera, a Canon Rebel.  I hardly ever use it, just on “special occasions,” with a smaller point-n-shoot camera kept handy.  In keeping with my philosophy of “why not enjoy something instead of saving it for a special occasion,” my Rebel is now sitting in the office ready and handy.  What exactly was I saving it for, anyway.  There’s often not much of spectacular interest to photograph around here, but perhaps I can find things to snap.  We’ll start with the lovely trees this morning, eh?

Spent part of the morning rearranging my office . . . again.  I really liked having the credenza behind me against the wall opposite my desk; however, it was up against the heating vent.  Not a good thing with Winter coming, as the credenza and its contents were getting pretty darned warm when the heat was on, and pretty soon I will need the heat on in here.  I’ve been able to get by with a tower ceramic heater so far for chilly mornings and evenings, but that won’t be enough before long. So, the credenza got moved back to the wall to my left, the back wall of the office trailer.  I brought in a stand that was outside, and that is what one of my plants is sitting on now.  Need to keep the plants near windows so they can get some light, and I have accomplished that.  Lifted up the window covering on the back wall window, so I (and the plants) get more natural light. 


You can see one of our rig’s slides through the window.  We’re parked end-to-end with the office trailer with our generator set up between the two. 

That window really needs to stay covered during the warm/hot months in order to keep it cooler in here.  That certainly won’t be an issue in Winter, when the priority shifts to bringing in natural light and, hopefully, sunshine.

Yes, it’s Halloween, or Samhain, depending on what you celebrate if you celebrate!  We obviously don’t get trick-or-treaters here on the property and in some ways I miss that.  Oh well.  Dinner is leftover chicken-and-rice casserole I concocted last night, and we plan to make it a chess evening.  Our weather is to deteriorate over the evening, with heavy rain and possibly some strong winds into tomorrow.  Sounds like a good night to put on a CD and play chess.

Hope you have a good Halloween!

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  1. You should never leave home without your Rebel, even if it's just to go next door to your office. ;)


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