Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up


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The weekend isn’t over by any means, as it’s Sunday morning.  If I don’t do this now, it may not happen! 

Yesterday was busy with laundry and a thorough housecleaning binge.  Whew!  None of it is difficult, but it is hard work.  Dinner was Salsa Chicken and Rice Casserole, which I got from  I enjoy cooking, but sometimes have a brain freeze when it comes to ideas.  Now and then I grab something new and try it.  This one was a winner!  Leftovers today – yay!

Last week when I went to Harold’s RV over in Bath, PA, I stopped in at a grocery store that is a different chain from what we have around here.  It was quite enjoyable and nice to see different items.  I may go back now and then just for a bit of variety or to pick up items we can’t get here.

Hunting is big up here and it’s that time of year again.  In fact, bow hunting season started recently.  There are a few select people allowed on the property to hunt (typically have been doing so for years); they have to fill out a form in order to hunt here, and yesterday I had I gentleman stop in to complete his paperwork for his year.  The hunters are supposed to call me 24-48 hours prior to wanting to be on the property to make sure it’s okay, and I keep track of who is going to be where and when, etc. 

Oh!  Guess I didn’t mention our convection microwave freaked out Thursday evening!  I was using it on convection mode to cook dinner.  When the cycle was done, it would not turn off!  The fan typically runs for a few minutes after the cycle completes, but this time it was more than just the fan, and it just wouldn’t stop.  We also smelled . . . a “plastic” smell.  Rut-roh!  I turned off the breaker and then unplugged the unit.  Nothing appeared to be damaged in the cabinet above it (it’s an under-counter, over-the stovetop model) and nothing was on fire.  Thank goodness.  I ran our FanTastic fan and ceiling fan in the living area for a while to get the smell out.

I talked with our mobile tech; he says from my description and his experience that it sounds like the unit has died.  Oh well.  I have found the exact same model online for $300, so I’ll probably go ahead and order it.  That way when Luke gets here, he can just install it.  We have a couple of other minor things for him to fix (things that once I see how they are done, I/we can do in the future if need be), so might as well get them taken care of when he’s here.  So thankful there was no fire.  Sure miss my microwave, though.  Since becoming comfortable with the convection mode, I use it quite a bit in addition to regular microwaving.  The convection mode is really wonderful in Summer, so I can bake without heating up the rig with the propane oven.


Chess 10192013

Dave and I played chess last night.  He won both games, but I made him work for it!

We had showers last evening, but today another gorgeous Autumn day is with us.  Yay!  There is a bit of a breeze, but it really is nice out. 

I don’t plan on doing a whole lot today.  Well, I may venture out to that market mentioned above . . . or not.  Maggie and I had a nice walk already, and probably will have a couple more!

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  1. Well that was scary. Glad you were able to find one so quickly but it doesn't seem like that one was very old. I wish my 5vr had a convection oven too. If I was full-timing, it would get one. :)


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