Wednesday, March 11, 2015

On the Road - Day 1

Locked and loaded 03102015

Locked and loaded, March 10, 2015 – Darlington, SC

We were hitched up and loaded (with the exception of last-minute items) yesterday.  I was pleasantly surprised with the weather; there was no rain!  Yay! 

Having worked overnight – our last shift at the Darlington, SC location – we by no means got an early start today.  No alarm clocks.  We headed out midafternoon and had an uneventful trip west on I-20 to Barnyard RV Park in Lexington, SC.  The only “event” of the day was seeing a car that was smoking by the side of the road; the occupants had just gotten out.  Going by at 65 MPH, I didn’t see any flames.  Hope there wasn’t much damage and that everyone remained safe.

Barnyard RV Park Lexington SC 03112015

Site A-2 at Barnyard RV Park in Lexington, SC – 102.6 miles today

We stayed overnight here in the site next to ours during August 2010.  Wow.  Over four years ago.  This is a nice park; it’s not frilly by any means,but the facilities are clean and the sites up front are nicely spaced.  It’s definitely good for an overnight stop, with easy access from I-20.  Back in 2010, there was a Piggly Wiggly across the street, but it’s no longer in business.

Took a bit of a stroll around and visited with some other folks.  Yes, it’s nice to be around people again and RVers in general.  Conversations are easily started; we have at least one thing in common.

You might think we’d be up until all hours of the night tonight having been night owls the past five months, but . . . I bet my bed will feel pretty darn good in a little while.  We’re just kind of going with the flow sleep-wise, allowing ourselves to rest up and get back into normal days and nights. 

After all . . . we are on vacation, too!

Well, that’s it from this wanderer tonight. 

I never want to leave this country; all my relatives are lying here in the ground, and when I fall to pieces I am going to fall to pieces here.”

- Wolf Necklace, Palouse

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  1. Holy Mackerel! I only do 65 mph in my car. Guess you were glad to get out of there. Enjoy your 'vacation'! ;)

  2. So glad to hear you are safely on your way. I can hear the happiness in your voice. Good stuff!

  3. I well understand ceasing night work and getting adjusted. Glad yours was an easy one.


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