Saturday, March 14, 2015

Travel Day 4 - Madison, GA to Anniston, AL

This morning dawned misty and foggy  at Country Boys RV Park in Madison, GA.  Nevertheless, we got about the business of getting ourselves and our home ready to roll.  We left at approximately 10:50 AM (yes, we’re being leisurely) and were happy to do so.  The park is okay for an overnight and it served its purpose of that and shelter in a storm.  We certainly would not make it a destination.  There was a Pilot station just across the interstate from the park, so we fueled up before heading out.

Mist and fog traveled with us for most of the  way, but conditions  improved as the day progressed.  We passed through a few work zones on I-20 which slowed us down a bit, but at least traffic flow did not stop completely.  We went easily straight through Atlanta with no problem and were thankful it was Saturday.  We got to see the capitol from the highway.  Nice.


Pilot stop 03142015

Pit stop at a Pilot.  We purchased a 2015 Motor Carriers Atlas, as our old one was from 2010.

Alabama welcome center 03142015

We stopped at the Alabama welcome center just for fun and simply because we could!

Alabama welcome center 2 03142015


Alabama welcome center 3 03142015

Nice touch at the welcome center – porch across the back of the building with a row of rocking chairs

We rolled into the Camping World/Good Sam RV Park in Anniston, AL  around 2:45 PM, having clocked 146.6 miles on the odometer and entering Central Time Zone  for the first time in about four years.

Camping World Good Sam Park Anniston AL 03142015

Site 16

This park was a KOA until January 2015,  when it became part of the Camping World/Good Sam  family. There is a Camping World next door and, yes, we went shopping this afternoon!  Exciting and exquisite purchases were made such as a water filter, new chocks, a couple of LED lights, a few other utilitarian items and one of those maps of the United States that you put states on showing where you’ve been.  Woot!  We have not had one before now,  but Dave mentioned earlier today about getting one since we have now racked up a few states in our travels.  The map uses suction cups and, when put on a window, is correctly viewable inside and outside one’s rig. 

Good heavens.  Does that makes us more like full-timers?  Teehee!

So, this park is nice  and absolute heaven compared to our environment the past two nights.  We’re actually relieved to be out of a funky place and out of rain.  Instead of stepping out from our home into an inch of rainwater, we step onto a concrete patio.  Ahhhh.  Earlier this afternoon I entertained the notion of doing laundry as the facilities here are quite good; however, I opted to take the evening to relax and play since we have a long day tomorrow of around 200 miles.

Besides, we ended up on a shopping spree at Camping World!  While we were in the store, Dave remarked that shopping in an RV place was to me like shopping in a bike shop is to him.

He knows me so well. 

Maggie is having fun, too, with all new sights and smells.  She didn’t get out except for necessities the last couple of evenings; there is a lovely dog walk area here, so she’s had a ball.  We are having more evening TV time now and she typically is my lap dog for that.  Funny how she will go to “Poppa” for some things but other situations are for “Momma,” such as “TV time.”  She is a cheerful and excellent traveler.

I think that about does it for today’s travel log.  I’m hoping I get to sleep earlier tonight.  Last night we both went to bed a bit before 11 PM, but I really wasn’t sleepy and was awake until almost 2 AM.  Guess  my body is still adjusting to a different sleep pattern. 

Or perhaps I was just excited at the prospect of getting the heck outta Georgia and being on the road again!

“Each man is good in His sight.  It is not necessary for eagles to be crows.”

- Hunkesni (Sitting Bull), Hunkpapa Sioux, 1831-1890

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  1. Haven't seen those maps with suction cups. I've been carrying around one of those decal maps since 2010 when I got my present rig. I'd need help putting it up because of my tremors, but maybe the suction cup one would be okay for me to do?

    1. Judy, a suction cup one might be easier for you. I have not opened this one up yet, but may do so when we land in Vicksburg MS for more than an overnight. I'll give a review of it when I get it up. Right now I like the concept of suction cups and putting it in a window, making it visible for both us inside and folks outside.


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