Monday, March 2, 2015

Texas Bound!

Are you sitting down?  I know I am.

I think it’s synchronicity playing a role in that today is Texas Independence Day and I’m blogging about our returning to The Lone Star State.

This weekend – out of the blue – we received and accepted an offer to manage the Mount Pleasant KOA in northeast Texas. 

Wow.  That was quick.

Every now and then we will receive employment inquiries and offers, and obviously have not jumped on any.  This one at this point in time, however, spoke to us on a variety of levels.

I am so excited!

It is not a large campground, but quite nice with positive reviews.  We are hoping this will be a win/win situation for both the campground and ourselves . . . bringing our skills, experiences and enthusiasm to help it achieve its goals and it giving us an opportunity to return Texas and a lovely area of the state; we have been talking for a while about getting back “home” at some point in time, even for the next few years.  The timing just seems to be right.

Oh my gosh, what have we done?

Leaving the “known” and going into the “unknown” is always cause for a bit of the heebie-jeebies.  Heck, even taking the rig out for a wee holiday can bring on a wee case of the jitters.  Once I have that first day back on the road done and dusted, I’m good.  I get back into the groove of towing, setting up, breaking down and . . . enjoying the scenery and experiences.

We’re giving up a job to go to another . . . well, there’s that “unknown” thing again; however, who says the situation won’t be even better than what we have now?

I mean, seriously.  Who actually said it can’t be better? 

The job itself will be work; no doubt about that.  We will be among people again, but not an overwhelming amount of folks.  We will have things to do and will stay mentally and physically stimulated. 

I’m betting Dave won’t be chased by a one-eyed cat . . .

I feel as if I am leaving family.

The folks with the contracting company we have worked with especially while in New Jersey, . . . well . . . I’ll say again that they are good people.  Professional, intelligent, funny, caring and “real” if you know what that means.  I was holding back tears as I was telling our boss from the home office yesterday that we had decided to leave. 

When, you ask?

We plan to roll out of here next week and be at the campground a few days before April 1.  We’re looking forward to the trip back; it will take us through areas we have not experienced together.  I’m building in some layover days in case of severe weather and to just rest a bit.  Night shift has been tough.  So!  We’re hoping to have a leisurely but timely trip back to Texas.

This will be (most likely) the last time we travel for a while, and we pretty much rushed down here from New Jersey.  We deserve to take time to enjoy this journey.

Come see us!

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  1. Good for you girl. What town?

    1. Phyllis, it's Mount Pleasant in the northeast corner of Texas, in the Pineywoods.

  2. Congratulations! That is super super news. I know you and Dave have been talking about going back But you were just waiting for the right opportunity. sounds like you found it. Maybe now you can put down baby roots, take off your boots and stay awhile. Congrats will post more later

    1. Thanks, Dawn, I'm already planting flowers in my mind down there. Couldn't seem to envision that here.

  3. You know, you did a good job of talking about the good things at your present job, but I always got the feeling that you were looking to move on, deep down. Best wishes for this new adventure! I'll be returning to Texas next winter as well. I'll have to look up Mount Pleasant to see exactly where it is.

    1. Judy, we would so enjoy meeting up with you at some point. Funny how you know me and we've never talked in person.

  4. Best wishes on your new adventure, it will be great. I may just stop by in May when I leave San Antonio on my way to Chicago.

    1. Teri, it would be lovely to meet you!

  5. Betty, I'm so excited! You'll be closer and there's a good chance we can finally meet. We were in the Texas Pineywoods area last fall and loved it. We want to go back and camp in that area again as there is lots more to see. Oh, goody.

    Any chance you might visit San Antonio?

    1. Susan, it would be terrific to meet after all this time, eh? I doubt we'll get over to SA anytime soon, as we'll have our heads down working and familiarizing ourselves with the campground for a good while. Thanks for your excitement!

  6. This really is wonderful news. I know you will love not being on the night shift any more and it sounds like a good fit for you guys. Nice to have some travel time too. You sound so excited it's infectious. Wishing you a great experience in the Lone Star State about which I know very little especially about the section you are going to. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you about what you find. Hope you'll have time to post. Congratulations!


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