Thursday, March 12, 2015

Travel Day 2 - South Carolina / Georgia

We both hit the blankies a bit before 10 PM last night and slept well.  I awoke around 7 AM with Dave regaining consciousness a bit after 9 AM.  We were on the road shortly before 11 AM, taking our time getting ready; that included a couple of nice chats with our next-door neighbors.  Yes, I have missed being around people, especially RVers.  

SC Georgia state line GA Visitor Center 03122015

We stopped at the SC/GA state line for a gander at the Georgia Visitor Center

GA Visitor Center 1 03122015

This place is huge!  We think it’s the nicest visitor center we’ve encountered.

GA Visitor Center 4 03122015

It’s Agriculture Week with various displays.

The two ladies running the center were very nice, indeed.  Dave scored some free coffee and we each came away with a bottle of water and a package of Georgia peanuts each.  The peanuts hit the spot as we cruised on down I-20 West; they were some of the freshest salted peanuts I have ever tasted.

We stopped for fuel once at a Pilot.  It’s Pilot and Flying J for us these days; we have a fuel discount card and it’s easy in/easy out.  No more maneuvering the rig in and out of tiny convenience stores.  Yay!  This makes for a very less stressed drive for me.

We still have not encountered rain and I really am grateful for that.  In fact, the high today was around 72F with partly overcast and partly sunny skies.  A nice day for a drive, actually.

We rolled into Country Boys RV Park shortly before 3 PM, clocking 152.8 miles and about three hours trip time, including the stops. 

Country Boys RV Park Madison GA 03122015

Overnight spot on upper level of the park

I really am enjoying these short hops each day.  We arrived without feeling beat up from the road, emptied our tanks, refilled our fresh tank, had a walk about, visited with neighbors and I threw something together for dinner.  Dave is watching a DVD and I’m here chatting with you.

Country Boys RV Park Madison GA 03122015 2

The park is on two levels; this is looking down at the lower level sites.  We’re on the upper, which includes a long line of pull-thru sites for overnighters. 

Country Boys RV Park Madison GA 03122015 3

There are quite a few permanent rigs in here, probably worker bees.

The photos are dark because that’s how it really is outside.  It has been very gray all afternoon.

Well, I need to call my uncle in Minnesota; I’m checking in with him each day after we land.  He’s following along on his atlas.  He and my aunt were RVers back in their day.  See?  I told you this runs in my family.  I’ll post this and then just chill out the rest of this evening.

“As a child I understood how to give; I have forgotten this grace since I became civilized.”

- Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman), Santee Sioux, 1858-1939

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  1. Don't think I've ever been to that Visitors Center. I especially like the one on I-10 heading east in Louisiana, especially around Mardi Gras time.

  2. Those are the kind of travel days I like too. We have the pilot card for the same reason. Sounds like you are really enjoying your trip.


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