Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Travel Day 8 - A First for Me

I certainly am enjoying our leisurely mornings, not having to be anywhere or do anything right out of the gate.  Dave took his fixed-gear bike off the back rack and went for a 25-mile ride, and I ended up doing some business while he was gone.  After his shower on returning, we went to Walmart and picked up a couple of items as we’ll be on the road again tomorrow. 

You may remember I mentioned that I might go to the casino just because I had never been in one, and I would be able to say I’d been there, done that.  A new experience and a bit of silliness since we are treating this trip as a bit of a vacation.  

Okay, so I decided to go!  I called for the shuttle, was picked up at the RV park office and dropped off right at the casino door.

Ameristar Casino 03182015

The casino sits right on the banks of the Mississippi River

I located the quarter slots and meandered my way over.  Inserted my $10 bill and away I went.  I did win a bit here and there, the largest amount being $4.50.  I played until my $10 was gone, got up and went outside to catch a shuttle back to the park.  Total time over and back, including ride time, just under an hour.

Ameristar Casino 2 03182015

It certainly wasn’t crowded

I bet if one was staying in the hotel and one was with a friend or group of friends, this might be fun.  You know, the kind of good time one has hanging out in a pub with pals for an evening.  I bet, too, that it was more interesting back in the day when actual quarters were used and one had to pull the lever on the machine.  There were a few people at some of the tables, but it certainly was not a full house.  (Notice the pun there, eh?)

Personally, I found it to be a bit boring.  Needless to say, I didn’t have any trouble leaving and there was no danger at any time of me pulling a “Lois Simpson” putting up our rig for a stake.  Ha!

One can smoke inside the casino and I felt all kinda icky after being in there.

I really debated whether or not to go and then decided, “Oh what the heck.  If I don’t go, I’ll probably wish I had.  Besides, we’re on vacation,  I deserve a bit of silliness and Dave will get a bit of alone time at home.”

Okay, so I can say I have been there, done that.  My first, and probably last, casino experience.

Dave made some preliminary moves on getting us ready to leave tomorrow while I was gone.  We have had dinner and now a bit of rain, although not a heavy downpour by any means.  That’s fine with me!

Our cable TV service is back on but . . . we are struggling to find anything we consider worth watching. 

Ameristar RV Park 2 03182015

Site 48:  We have had neighbors on both sides every night and I bet tonight will be no exception

The park thinned out a bit earlier in the day but is filling up once again.  It’s been a comfortable and interesting stay here.  We would like to have more time to prowl around Vicksburg and the area and, if we were to come back, we would return to this park.

Yes, even with the wacky not-by-any-means level sites.

“I have always taught you that a liar is not worthy of being considered a man.”

- Stung Arm

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  1. Twenty five miles on a fixie is impressive. Glad you two are getting some down time before your next job.

  2. I've only been in a casino once and ut was for sure the smoking that cut my stay to under an hour too. Think if all the extra money those folks would "win" if they would quit. I love your easy going move to Texas. This really is my style if travel when I can get it.

  3. Living only 30 miles from Atlantic City we would take Len's family down when they came to visit. VERY infrequently. As for us, maybe once every three years. We each would take $20. and when it was gone so were we. Took about 15 minutes. Once I won $250.00 - CASHED OUT AND LEFT! Not my cup of tea either.

    A good friend lost her house, car, pension. Now subsides on her Social Security. Still what ever she can scrape together goes to Donald Trump, etc.


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