Monday, March 16, 2015

Travel Day 6 - Toomsuba, MS to Vicksburg, MS

We headed out of the Meridian East/Toomsuba KOA at our customary 11 AM this morning.  Our first stop was a planned refueling at a Pilot just a few miles down the road.

Morning Pilot stop 03162015

Things were a bit busier at this Pilot, seeing as it was Monday morning

Even though it was busier at this Pilot, it really wasn’t too bad.  We were in and out easily. 

We cruised on down I-20 until we pulled over at a rest stop just outside Jackson, MS.

MS Rest Stop 03162015

Stretching our legs at a rest stop

MS Rest Stop 2 03162015

It really was a lovely day, reaching the low 80s.

Everything was going very smoothly until we were just about into Jackson, when we hit road work which narrowed traffic down to one lane.  We slowed to a crawl, wondering why.  A bit farther along and we saw why we were barely moving.  There had been an accident involving three (I think) cars and one tanker 18-wheeler, all of which were off the road in the median and to the right of the highway in the grass.  The skid marks on the highway indicated the trucker had attempted to stop and then veered off into the median.  We hope no one was seriously injured.

You know, so many drivers don’t understand (or don’t pay attention to) the fact that 18-wheeler trucks and big RV rigs such as ours simply cannot stop like a Volkswagen Beetle.  We also cannot swerve and dodge other vehicles, debris in the road and such like a Beetle.


Okay.  So we lost a bit of time there.  We ran into (figuratively speaking only) more road works while in Jackson and, let me tell you, the interstate was rough and had “humps” in the road.  Oh joy.

Thankfully, nothing fell out of cabinets and nothing came off our rig.

So!  Finding the Ameristar Casino Hotel Vicksburg RV Park was very easy.  We were initially assigned site #10; however, when we got out of the truck to walk it (as we typically do), we noticed it was totally not level.  Concrete pad, yes.  Cantilevered wacky to one side and extremely sloped.  Uh-oh.  No way, Jose.  I hiked up to the office and, long and short of it, we got a different site.  This one is still sloped downwards and slightly off-level to one side, but it is doable.  We have more Lynx levelers down than ever before, especially for our rear stabilizers.  Having walked the park this evening, there is really not one site that is good and level; all are off at least a bit.

Dave did the best he could – and he did a really amazing job considering what he had to work with in a site – but we still are not perfectly level.  Oh well.  I doubt anyone is here.  You should see some of the leveling results and the things used to add height to the rears of the rigs. 


Other than that, the park seems okay.  It is essentially full.  We haven’t been around this many RVs since the Montana rally in Lancaster, PA back in 2012.  One next door neighbor came over and visited with us outside for a while.  Very nice retired gentleman. 

So!  Even though it was about 6 PM, we boogied over to Wallyworld for provisions.  It wasn’t far at all and easy to navigate, and I’m glad we went this evening.  Besides, we both had been hankering for burgers the past few days at about 2:30 in the afternoons.  We had a very late dinner this evening, but we got our burgers and fries from our own kitchen.  Yay for us!

We hooked up to all utilities and are running off shore water for the first time in months.  What a relief.  Sort of strange not to hear the water pump’s brrrrrrrr when washing hands, but it’s a beautiful silence.

We also have cable TV hooked up, for the first time since the Montana rally.  Woot!  Twenty million channels and there’s really nothing to watch.  Hahaha!

The Mississippi River is right across the road.  Coming back from Walmart we were treated to a spectacular sunset over the river’s two bridges.  We’ll try to get over there and see it while we’re here.

Unfortunately, rain is supposed to start tomorrow night.  I need to get some laundry done tomorrow and Dave wants to get in a few bike miles. 

Maggie has been conked out on the daybed this evening.  I think she’s happy to be landed for a few days, too.  Guess I’ll rouse her for one more walk and then make my way to a shower and blankies. 

Today’s leg of our trip was about four hours, but that included major slow-downs due to road works and accidents.  We clocked 151 miles.  Life is good!

“When we lift our hands we signify our dependence on the Great Spirit.”

- Blackfoot, Mountain Crow leader

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  1. Been to that Flying J many times. Hate seeing accidents. Bummer on the leveling ordeal but enjoy your down time.


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