Monday, March 23, 2015

Travel Day 13 - What a Productive Day!

In contrast to yesterday, today was a highly productive day.  Here’s what we accomplished between us with an assist from the folks at Shady Pines RV Center:

  • A mountain of laundry done
  • Porch light on our RV home replaced
  • Some minor touch up of our RV home roof
  • A/C units checked in our RV home
  • A/C filters and grills cleaned
  • Gray tank emptied
  • Vacuuming
  • Dave had a 30-mile bike ride
  • Got two black ink cartridges for the printer
  • Made some phone calls related to personal business
  • Picked up a couple of items from the grocery

Alrighty, then!

Shady Pines RV Park Texarkana TX 3 03232015

The catch-and-release lake here at Shady Pines RV Park.  The RVs to the right are part of the inventory at Shady Pines RV Center next door.

As you can see from the photo above taken this evening, today has been absolutely gorgeous.  Finally!  We reached a high around 83F here, but it did not feel very humid and was actually rather pleasant.

While we were next door at the RV center to pick up some items, we ducked into a couple of new models . . . neither was a Montana like ours, but still nice.  We came out commenting how it might be nice to trade in/up, but . . . gee, we’d have to go through all the new-rig breaking in and troubleshooting and besides . . . ours is home.  It is reliable and solid and serves us very well.  Seems like most of the new rigs have residential-style refrigerators; this contributes to making the RVs prohibitively heavy for our truck.  Besides, I like having the option to run on propane if necessary.  We seem to get by quite well with our smaller fridge and supplement that with a dorm-sized unit.  If we were sitting someplace permanently, that would indeed be practical. 

So, no, we did not come away with “new rig fever.”  We can always change out furniture when our recliners need to be retired and change up the look and feel of our interior.  Yes, they are pretty.  Yes, I would enjoy the bathroom layouts in many of them, specifically the tub-sized shower. 


This is home.  It’s cozy.  It’s sturdy.  We went through a lot to get this.  We have a bond with it her.

Two things we have noticed since being back in RV parks.

Lots of folks do not chock the wheels of their RV.  We always do, even if just overnighting and still hooked up to the truck.  We also put down our front landing gear just to take off some of the weight from the truck and to steady the RV. 

Quite a few folks leave their RV door open, including the screen.  Eeek!  Bugs!  I guess I just don’t get that. 

Sorry if I offended anyone; it’s just a couple of observations.

When we returned from our trip to Albertson’s this  afternoon, there was a new neighbor down the road . . .

Shady Pines RV Park Texarkana TX 2 03232015

A 1923 1-ton Model T RV

Shady Pines RV Park Texarkana TX 1 03232015

These folks were away from the park, but another neighbor told us this gem appears at festivals and rolls along in parades throughout the country.  See that separate “building” in the rear?  That’s an outhouse!

Not sure if anyone is actually staying in it overnight, but . . . possibly, I guess.  We just haven’t seen anyone around it yet.  Perhaps they park it and lodge elsewhere.  Pretty cool, eh?

We still have two errands of personal biz to achieve while we’re here, but no more alarm clocks are needed this week, at least through Friday.  I  had mine set (for the first time in months) for 6:30 AM in order to hook up with the service department next door as early in the day as possible.

I have not  heard from the mobile wash company, so it looks like that’s a no-go at this point.  Oh well, at least we accomplished the important maintenance/repair tasks, so I’m good.  Yes, we are still here three more days, but rain is slated to return Wednesday/Thursday.  At least Friday looks good so far for traveling over to Mount Pleasant.

Hope you’ve had a bright and sunny Monday!

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  1. We stayed at that park last year. Nice spots with level concrete pads and quiet! Glad you finally got some nice weather!!

  2. Wow you guys were busy beavers. All that AND a 30 mile bike ride is flat out amazing. Whenever we can, we check out new RVs and thus far have never found anything we'd trade them even on for Winnona. I really DO NOT want a residential refrig. We do just fine with what we have and who can boondock with one of those things?? Love that cute little Model T which I assume was totally retrofitted to look like that. Henry didn't build RVs did he??

  3. Our rig has a residential w/ ice maker. Love the space. We run it 3 days on the battery bank. Yesterday we saw an RV dealer near here w/ 2 nice looking Montana's only the lot. We knew better than to stop and "just look".


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