Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Travel Day 14 - More Things Accomplished

I know it may seem like we are spending quite a bit of time here in Texarkana and perhaps you’re right, but we do have some personal business items to take care of now that we’re back in Texas.  We ticked off another one today in getting our truck inspected.  Instead of a sticker, we now get a “certificate,” or piece of paper.  We will need to present that when we renew our registration later this year.  Not sure how it’s going to work with us, since our registration and inspection months are out of sync.  Oh well, I guess we’ll find out when registration renewal time comes along.  At any rate, we’re street legal again.

While Dave got in 32 miles on a bike ride this afternoon, I went next door to the RV center and made a couple of purchases.  We needed a new set of tire covers, so two boxes of those puppies went on the counter.  A while back, we had a support under our kingpin and it did help stabilize the rig a bit.  I liked the idea of having  wee bit of support under the kingpin because we are stationary for such long periods of time.  We had been using the tripod from our long-gone Internet satellite setup; however, that tripod bit the dust back in 2012.  I walked out of the RV center with a new one, a heavy-duty model with a cup for the kingpin.  The prices weren’t outrageous, actually; in fact, I figured I did better on both purchasing locally instead of online for a couple of reasons.  There was no shipping involved and, if for some reason there was an issue with any of the purchases, we were right here and exchange would be simplistic versus returning something that involved shipping.  Besides, we supported a local business.

Once back, I assembled the stabilizer and set it up just to make sure it fit and was okay.  Yep.  Thumbs up on that.  I dismantled it and stowed it away; we’ll set it up for good once we get to our campground.  Same thing with the tire covers.  Just wanted to make sure everything was there and that they indeed fit our tires.  We were good on that, too, so they are snugged up in the box again.

Maggie being silly at Shady Pines RV Park Texarkana 03242015

Maggie being silly this afternoon, spying on me from under the comforter

Maggie seems to be enjoying this park as much as us.  She has a superb vantage point on the daybed pillows for watching any goings-on outside.  While this is by no means a bustling park, there is just enough activity to hold her interest.  She, Dave and I had a nice walkabout just a bit ago. 

We (Dave and I) also went down the Highway 67 a bit to the Redwater Diner in Redwater, TX.  Dave spotted this on a ride the other day, so we tried it.  We both ordered burgers and shared an order of tater tots.  The burger was okay, but we both prefer the ones I do at home.  I have never been a fan of tater tots, but what the heck.  I bet, though, that some of the dinner plates are pretty good.  Can’t complain at all about the prices, and I would return to check out a regular dinner.  That’s what I had in mind when we decided to eat there; however, it was just too plain hot today for me to consider a heavy meal.

There are still a few minor maintenance things, both inside and out, we are hoping to accomplish during our stay here before departing Friday.  Nothing major by any means; we’re just taking this opportunity to do some things now that we are no longer working night shift and have some time before starting to work again.  We know that once we hit Mt. Pleasant on Friday, we’ll be busy learning the ropes and settling in. 

Since 2010, our jobs have included an office, so we had the luxury of spreading out a bit.  That’s come to a screeching halt with this new gig.  I’ll have to figure out a work/desk area for myself and Dave.  Not sure what the heck is gonna happen there.  There’s some rearranging that needs to be done and assuredly some more things will go out the door.

Since I began this post, we have spent some time sitting outside and have had two walks around the park.  Dave counted 45 sites on one of those strolls.  Yep, it’s a small park.

Rain is in the forecast again starting tomorrow into overnight and Thursday, a cool front swinging through the area.  That’s okay.  Dave has had a couple of nice rides here and we have accomplished the major items on our list, excepting the professional wash/wax. 

The next two days are for anything else we can get done indoors and out, weather permitting, and for simply recharging our batteries.  We had 5.5 months of night shift with no days off, and that was sort of tough in a variety of ways.  We have also traveled from South Carolina to here in extremely rainy weather and sloppy conditions, and that was a hassle. 

We’re going to manage to get in some chillin’ time over the next two days before going back to work!

“Misfortunes do not flourish particularly in our path.  They grow everywhere.”

- Black Elk, Oglala Sioux, 1863-1950

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  1. You really are getting a great deal accomplished on this trip. I suppose you can get great recommendations for a wash/wax when you get to your final destination. It is very nice to travel a little, stay a little, repeat. Hope you love your new job.


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